Iconic Headlight

Our headlights ensure that your journey is both bright and colorful. The Vegh headlights also have a unique design so that you can catch all the eyeballs.

Hydraulic shock absorber

The new and advanced hydraulic shock absorbers in the Vegh e-scooters ensure that you never have to worry about bumpy rides on the road.

Detachable battery

The Vegh scooters come with detachable Lithium-ion powered batteries that give incredible performance and high energy density.

Incredible Design

At Vegh, we recognize that everyone is different and everyone wants a color that matches their unique personality. That is why Vegh is one of the few, electric scooter in India which is available in a range of attractive color options so that you can choose the scooter that suits your style!

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Everything you imagined your next ride to be and beyond.
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Incredible Intelligence

Powered by the use of new-age intelligent features the Vegh electric scooter goes out of its way in making your ride pleasant. The Vegh e scooter has many new modern features such as:

Vegh L25
Vegh S25
Battery Voltage 60 V 48 V
Maximum Tested Range 80 Km* 70 Km*
Charging time 4-5 hrs 4 -5 hrs
Riding modes 3 ride modes 3 ride modes
Speedometer LED LED
Brakes Disc brakes (Front & Rear) Front Disc, Rear Drum
Tyre size 3.00-10 Tubeless -
Front 3.00-10 Tubeless-Rear
3.00-10 Tubeless -
Front 3.00-10 Tubeless-Rear
Suspension Hydraulic (Front) Hydraulic (Front)
Lights LED (Front) LED (Front)
Remote Control Yes Yes
Security Alarm Yes Yes
USB Charge Ports Yes Yes
Side Stand Control Yes Yes
Cruise Control Yes Yes
Park Mode Yes Yes
Auto repair Switch Yes Yes

Being environmentally sustainable is the need of the hour. Vegh Automobiles brings the ultimate solution to the problem of balancing unlimited wants with limited resources. What makes Vegh the best electric scooter is its commitment to be environmentally conscious while at the same time not compromising on high-end technology that ensures the customer an amazing and safe ride!

Vegh Automobiles has launched two models of electric scooters in India. Vegh L25 and Vegh S25. The price for Vegh L25 starts from Rs. 78,999/- and the price for Vegh S25 starts from Rs. 75,999/-. The ex-showroom prices for Vegh automobile e-scooters may vary from state to state. You can locate your nearest dealership in your area and connect with them for pricing and best offers.
Vegh electric scooters come in two models in India. Vegh L25 can go up to 80 kms on a full charge while the Vegh S25 can go up to 75 kms on a full charge. The range may vary depending on the driving conditions, terrain, and usage of the Vegh e scooters. The range can be optimized as per the driveability as Vegh e scooters are claimed to be one of the most economical electric scooters in India with a great driving range.
Vegh electric scooters use the lithium ion battery. The lithium ion battery is the most common type of battery for electric scooters and bikes. It's lightweight, so it can be carried easily, and it's rechargeable. It also has a long life span--up to 400 charge cycles--so you don't have to worry about replacing it as often as other types of batteries. Vegh electric scooters in India come with detachable batteries that can be charged anywhere using a common electric plug socket.
The biggest advantage of electric scooters over petrol scooters is that they are more environmentally-friendly. They don't produce any emissions, and use electrically charged batteries that are way more economical than petrol scooters to travel the same distance. Petrol scooters also require more maintenance than electric ones--you have to change the oil and other parts on your petrol scooter regularly, whereas the electric scooters have less mechanical parts requiring low maintenance in the long run.
Vegh electric scooters Vegh L25 comes in 5 different colour options: White, Pink, Grey, Yellow and Black. Vegh electric scooters Vegh LS25 comes in 4 different colour options: White, orange, Red, and Yellow. The Vegh electric scooters come in a variety of colours, so you can choose the one that suits your style. The colours used are durable and retain shine for a longer duration of time. The choice of colours are subject to availability across dealerships.
Yes, an electric scooter can go a long distance. However, it depends on the size of the battery and how much power it can deliver. If you're riding an Vegh electric scooter, you can drive up to 80 kms on a single charge. The good news is that there's no limit to how far an electric scooter can go, as long as there's a battery that can keep up with your speed and energy needs.
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