Best Electric Scooter for Delivery Purposes
Best Electric Scooter for Delivery Purposes (1)

If you’re in the market for Best electric scooter for delivery purposes or even considering launching a quick commerce venture, you’ve found the perfect solution. Vegh Electric Scooters offer a convenient, efficient, and sustainable option for managing busy city deliveries, ensuring your operations run smoothly and hassle-free. 

Introducing Vegh Electric Scooters – the most reliable e-scooters for delivery businesses. Let’s delve into why Vegh E-scooters could be the trusted choice for your delivery needs.

Efficient and Fast Charging E-scooter for Delivery

If you’re in the delivery business, you know time is money. The Vegh S60, for example, boasts a rapid charging time of just 3-4 hours to full charge, ensuring that your delivery operations can continue with minimal downtime. 

Similarly, you can consider the Vegh S25 and L25 models, which also promise a swift charging time between 3 to 4 hours. A quick charging time in an electric scooter is crucial for maintaining continuous daily delivery cycles.

Vegh Electric Scooter for Long-Range Capabilities

You don’t need to worry about range when you invest in Vegh E-scooters. Vegh S60 model offers a range of up to 120 km per charge, making it perfect for day-long delivery electric scooters without the need for frequent recharges. 

Similarly, models like the S25 and L25 provide ample range (70-80 km) that sufficiently covers daily delivery routes in densely packed city environments.

Economical and Cost-saving

With prices starting as low as Rs. 77,999 for the Vegh S25 and going up to Rs. 129,900 for the S60 model, these scooters are a smart investment for your delivery needs. Not only are they affordable upfront, but they also prove to be cost-effective in the long run, with low maintenance costs and significant savings on petrol. 

Lightweight Electric Scooters for Delivery

For delivery purposes, you will need a lightweight vehicle. The Vegh L25 model is a lightweight e-scooter designed for easy maneuverability. You can easily weave Vegh E-scooters in heavy traffic, substantially reducing delivery times and enhancing overall efficiency.

E-scooters Built for the Urban Environment

Vegh E-scooters are best for delivery purposes as they can pass through narrow Indian roads and can be parked in tight spaces. Moreover, the quiet operations of these e-scooters make them the best choice for early morning and late evening deliveries without disturbing the peace.

Choose Reliable and Safe Electric Scooter for Delivery

Safety is one of the most important factors to consider when buying an e-scooter for delivery. Vegh e-scooter models are equipped with features like:  

  1. Hydraulic suspensions
  2. Digital displays for clear visibility of speed and battery levels
  3. Combined braking systems for rider safety and control over the scooter. 

These safety features in Vegh E-scooters ensure that delivery personnel can operate confidently and securely.

Extra Features for Delivery Purposes

Vegh scooters are about more than just getting from point A to point B. They come with additional features like low battery alerts, multiple riding modes to suit different delivery conditions, and smart connectivity options for tracking and diagnostics, which can be incredibly beneficial for managing a fleet of delivery scooters.

Choose the Best Electric Scooter for Delivery

Vegh S60


  • Price- Starts at Rs.1, 29,900 lakh ((ex-showroom price)
  • Charging Time- 3-4 Hrs
  • Range- 120 km/charge
  • Battery Capacity- 3 Kwh
  • Top Speed- 65 km/Hr
  • Ride Modes – 3
  • Battery Warranty- 3 Years or 40,000 Km
  • Peak Motor Power- 2.5 kW
  • Motor Warranty- 1 Year or 25,000 km
  • Weight Capacity- Upto 250 kgs
  • Suspension- Hydraulic Suspension
  • Combined Braking System – Yes
  • Digital Display – Yes 
  • Charger Warranty- 1 Year
  • Roadside Assistance- Yes
  • Low battery alert- Yes

Vegh S60 Electric Scooter

Vegh S25


  • Price – Starts at Rs. 77,999 (Ex-showroom price)
  • Charging Time- (0-80%) 3-3.5 Hrs
  • Range- 70 km/charge
  • Battery- 48 V
  • Top Speed- 25 km/Hr
  • Battery Warranty- 3 Years or 40,000 Km
  • Riding Modes- 3
  • Brakes – Front Disc, Rear Drum
  • Suspension – Hydraulic (Front)
  • Low battery alert- Yes

Vegh S25 Electric Scooter

Vegh L25


  • Price – Start at Rs 78,999 (Ex-showroom Price)
  • Charging Time (0-80%) – 3.5-4 Hrs
  • Range- 70 km/charge
  • Battery Capacity- 1.34 Kwh
  • Top Speed- 25 km/Hr
  • Battery Warranty – 3 Years or 40,000 Km
  • Motor Power – 250 W
  • Battery Warranty- 3 Years or 40,000 Km
  • Motor Warranty- 1 Year, 20,000 km
  • Charger Warranty- 1 Year
  • Roadside Assistance- Yes
  • Low battery alert- Yes

Vegh L25 Electric Scooter

Wrap Up

Switching or starting your delivery operations with Vegh electric scooters makes economic sense and positions your business as modern and eco-friendly. With their fast charging times, extended ranges, advanced features, and sleek design, Vegh Scooters ensure they’re the best option for delivery purposes.  

Whether it’s the advanced S60, the economical S25, or the versatile L25, there’s a Vegh scooter to suit every delivery need. So, why not give your delivery business the edge it needs with Vegh e-scooters? It could be your smartest move yet.

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