How to Maintain Your Electric Scooter in Summer

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Summer’s just around the corner, right?? And you know what that means? It’s time to hit the road with your electric scooter while enjoying the warm breeze on your face! So, as important as it is to take care of your face from harmful UV rays, you also need to maintain your e-scooter.

Before you go on your next adventure, let’s learn the top tips to maintain your electric scooter in a hot summer month. 

Tips to Maintain Your E-Scooter in Summer

Keep It Clean and Shiny

The most important thing you need to do is keep your e-scooter clean from dust, dirt and grime. They build over time, especially during the summer when you’re riding your e-scooter more often. You can make a habit of cleaning your e-scooter after each ride. While cleaning, you can use a soft cloth and some mind soap or shampoo to clean the body, handlebars and deck. And yes, don’t forget to clean the wheels too!! 

Lubricate Those Moving Parts

Lubrication is necessary for any machine with moving parts. To run your e-scooter more smoothly in summer, don’t forget to give it a lubrication care. To keep the moving parts in good working condition and to prevent them from rusting, apply some lubricant to the bearings, hinges and other moving parts as well. Applying lubrication to your e-scooter from time to time ensures the long life of your scooter and makes your rides even smoother.

Maintaining Proper Tyre Pressure in Summer

During summer, it has become essential to regularly check your scooter’s tyre pressure. The high temperature during hot weather can cause major fluctuations in tyre pressure, which leads to safety risks and decreased efficiency. So, we recommend you regularly check your tyre pressure to ensure it matches the manufacturer’s recommended specifications. Maintaining proper tyre pressure in summer improves the performance of your scooter as well as improves its handling and stability.

Battery Care of E-scooter in Summer

Now, come to how to take care of your e-scooter battery during summer. As you know, the battery is the heart of any e-scooter, and summer heat can be tough on them. So, give some extra care to batteries during the hot months of May, June and July. 

The first thing you must do is avoid leaving your e-scooter in direct sunlight for a longer period. Always try to park it in the shade or, if possible, bring it inside. During summer, avoid charging the e-scooter just after the ride as the battery is too heat, which can create some trouble for your vehicle. Take at least 30 minutes to cool down the e-scooter before charging. 

And most importantly, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to charge your e-scooter and use the original charger that comes with the scooter. You should also avoid overcharging your battery for a longer life span. And if you’re not using your electric scooter for a while, charge the battery to around 50% before storing it.

Identifying Electric Scooter Battery Issues in Summer

Contact your dealer or service centre as soon as possible if you notice any issue with your e-scooter battery. Here are some issues that need to be addressed to the dealer.

  • If you notice any physical damage or dents to the battery, take your scooter to the service centre. This is a serious issue, so don’t ignore them.
  • If your scooter is not charging properly, it suddenly stops, or the battery emits any unusual smells, these could all be indicators of an underlying problem that needs to be resolved immediately.
  • Another potential concern is battery wetness or water intrusion, so address it right away.

Beat the Heat

During the unbearable summer months, it has become essential to stay cool and comfortable while riding. Always wear a helmet to protect yourself from sunstrokes. Invest in a good quality helmet that offers in-built ventilation to keep you cool. You can also look for a helmet with lots of vents and moisture-wicking padding to help you beat the heat. 

Wrap Up

Now, you have the best tips to keep your electric scooter running smoothly all summer long. Give it the highest possible care to ensure its long-running life. With a little bit of maintenance, your e-scooter will be ready to tackle all your summer adventures.

Moreover, if you’re looking to buy the best electric scooter in India with advanced features and sleek design, visit Vegh Automobiles today!

Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter: Which Is the Best to Buy in India?

Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter Which Is the Best to Buy in India

With the rising popularity of eco-friendly vehicles, the decision to buy an electric scooter or petrol scooter has become a bit complex. Sometimes, you may think, “Let’s buy a petrol scooter,” but the other day, you might want to go for a sustainable electric scooter. 

So, when comparing electric scooters vs petrol scooters, which one is more beneficial to buy in the long term, especially in India? In this blog, we’re going to discuss whether you should buy an electric scooter instead of a petrol scooter, and if so, what are the advantages of buying an electric scooter in India.  

What is a Petrol Scooter?

A petrol scooter is a traditional scooter that runs on petrol. It has an internal combustion engine and needs to be refueled at the petrol pumps. Petrol scooters have been in use for a long time, popularly known for their convenience and range. It is one of the best modes of transportation for those who prefer reliable and versatile vehicles. But, the amount of emissions petrol scooters produce directly contributes to air pollution, making it a red flag for the environment.

What is an Electric Scooter?

An electric scooter is an eco-friendly type of scooter that works on an electric motor and rechargeable battery. It’s almost similar to regular scooters, but it runs on electricity instead of petrol. You can easily charge e-scooters by plugging them into an electric outlet, making them an affordable means of transportation. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, quiet vehicle that is easy to ride and produces zero emissions, e-scooters are made for you. 

Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter: Which is Better?

Now that you know about petrol and electric scooters, let’s explore which is better – an electric scooter or a petrol scooter. 

Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter: Environmental Impact

When comparing petrol scooters vs electric scooters and deciding which one to buy, e-scooters in India have some clear benefits that make them the best choice for many people. The biggest advantage of e-scooters that has been highly appreciated worldwide is their environmental friendliness. While regular petrol scooters emit harmful greenhouse gases that are highly responsible for air pollution, e-scooters produce zero emissions and run completely on electricity. 

Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter: Which is More Affordable?

Now, let’s come to the most crucial considerations for buying petrol scooters or electric scooters in India. Without any doubt, electric scooters are far more affordable than petrol scooters in the long term. Electric scooters have lower running costs as you don’t need to fill petrol on a regular basis. 

It may cost you more at the time of purchase, but it surely will benefit you with significant long-term savings. Furthermore, the maintenance cost of e-scooters is also low due to their fewer mechanical parts. 

Now, you probably wonder what the charging cost of an electric scooter in India is. Well, the cost of charging e-scooters in India is minimal compared to regular refueling of regular scooters. 

However, it also depends on your state’s electricity costs. If your state’s electricity cost is low, congratulations, you have one more reason to buy an electric scooter in India.

Cost of Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter

The price of petrol scooters is quite high. Even the regular increase in fuel prices makes electric scooters a costly deal. On the other hand, electric scooters are budget-friendly options, and the best part is their prices keep dropping as tech gets better. Even the government offers a lot of schemes and incentives to promote sustainable transportation. 

Electric scooters are definitely super-efficient, like 75% more than petrol-powered scooters. Let’s understand this in simple language – you can travel a whole kilometre for just 15 percent of the cost it takes to zoom the same distance on a petrol scooter.

Which is More Convenient: An E-scooter or Petrol Scooter

When it comes to convenience, e-scooters are the clear winner here. They are convenient in many ways; for example, you never need to bring them to the petrol pumps. You just need to charge it in my home whenever you want. It’s as easy as charging your mobile phone. And the cherry on the cake, e-scooters have zero noise, no smell, and no vibration of a petrol engine. They are smoother and provide a quieter riding experience. 

Petrol Scooter vs Electric Scooter: Charging vs Refuelling

Generally, e-scooters take a few hours to charge up their batteries. On the other hand, petrol scooters or bikes can be fueled within a second, and you’re good to go. However, some top e-scooters like Vegh E-scooters have advanced features that enable them to charge quickly. Even some e-scooters have removable batteries so that you can take out the battery and charge it on its own, making them super convenient. 

It’s like a trade-off, see? Electric scooters take time to charge, right? But you can do other stuff while they’re charging. Petrol scooters refuel fast, which obviously saves your time, but the downside is that you have to make a trip to the petrol pump. So, it depends on you what you choose – convenience or quickness.  

Performance: Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter

When you compare the performance of petrol scooters and electric scooters – to be honest, there is no simple answer. Electric scooters hold the benefits of speed, smoothness, and quick response. They are convenient for riding in crowded streets, offering a buttery-smooth ride. 

But hold up, petrol scooters have their own advantages you can’t ignore. They are excellent for long distances, meaning you can easily travel to another city with a petrol scooter.

So, it’s like this: if you need a scooter just for a city ride, go for electric scooters, but if you want to cruise outside the city or need a scooter for long journeys- buy a petrol scooter.

Maintenance: Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter

When it comes to maintenance, petrol scooters need more love and care due to their complex moving parts that need special care, like getting fresh oil, swapping out spark plugs, and other upkeep jobs. But electric scooters have a different story. Because of their fewer bits inside, they need less maintenance. You just have to take care of their batteries,like topping up the charge and maybe switching out the batteries after a while.

Government Incentives on Electric Scooters

Have you heard about the FAME II subsidy before? Well, it’s a government initiative to promote electric vehicles. The major purpose of the FAME II subsidy is to make electric vehicles more affordable and help bring down the price tag of electric rides. You will get certain benefits on some tax rebates if you’re taking out a loan for your EV.

Even the state governments are providing several offers for e-vehicles. Some of them are offering subsidies, while others are trying to bring e-vehicle manufacturing hubs to their state.

And guess what? According to the latest reports, by January, close to 2.25 lakh electric vehicles had hit the road because of government initiatives that brought a whole new electric revolution.

Which E-scooter is the Best to Buy in India?

Electric scooters have numerous advantages. But how to choose the best e-scooter to buy in India??? With many available options, you must prioritize affordability, durability, and convenience. Vegh E-scooters is one of the best e-scooters in India for long-term investment. You can explore a range of Vegh E-scooters with incredible designs, long-lasting detachable batteries, the latest technology, comfortable seats, and more advanced features. 

Wrap Up

Now, when you have clear insights on which is best to buy, e-scooters or petrol-powered scooters. E-scooters are clear winners when it comes to eco-friendly power and lower total cost of ownership. The convenience and zero noise advantage make them a bonus to buy them. For all these reasons, electric scooters are much better than traditional scooters for long-term investment.

Do I Need a Licence For an Electric Scooter in India?

Do I Need a Licence For an Electric Scooter in India

The popularity of electric scooters in India is growing day by day. Rising fuel prices and environmental concerns are among the top factors behind this. People are preferring buying e-scooters in India. However, some things need to be clarified regarding the e-scooters.

You may have also searched “Do I Need Licence For Electric Scooter in India” on Google to get clarification about license requirements for e-scooters. In this blog, we will clear your doubts about whether you need a license to ride an electric scooter in India. So, let’s learn if a license is required for an electric scooter in India.

When Do You Need a License for an Electric Scooter? 

The major rules and regulations for electric scooters in India depend on their maximum power output and top speed. According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways:

  • NO LICENCE OR REGISTRATION REQUIRED for electric scooters in India with less than 250W motor power and a maximum speed of up to 25 km/hr.
  • NO LICENCE BUT REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for e-scoters with 250W to 1500W motors and max speeds of less than 25 km/hr.
  • VALID DRIVING LICENCE REQUIRED for electric scooters with 1500W or exceeds 25 km/hr.

So, if you plan to buy an electric scooter with a low-power motor and the top speed doesn’t exceed 25km/hr, you won’t need a valid driving license and can ride without a license. However, a license is required for an e-scooter that has a motor of more than 1500W.

What are The Penalties for Riding an E-scooter in India without a Licence?

Many still need to know that riding high-speed e-scooters in India requires a valid driving license. If you’re riding without a licence, you can be fined and even lead to impounding of the vehicle.

As per the amended Motor Vehicle Act 2019, penalties for unlicensed riding of motor vehicles are:

– Fine up to Rs. 5000

– 3 months suspension of existing driving license

– Impounding of the e-scooter until the offender obtains a valid license

NOTE: In case of an accident while driving an e-scooter in India without a license, you can’t also claim insurance benefits.

So, getting a license before driving a high-speed e-scooter in India has become necessary.

How to Get a License for High-Speed Electric Scooters in India?

Now that you know whether electric scooters need a license in India, let’s learn how to apply for a driving license for e-scooters. Getting a driving licence for a high e-scooter In India is the same as getting one for petrol bikes or scooters.

To get a driving license for riding high-speed e-scooters, you must be at least 18 years old. You can apply for a learner’s license online and offline by submitting age and address proof and paying fees.

How Do You Apply for an Electric Scooter (two-wheeler) Driving License Online?

If you are looking to get a driving license for an e-scooter, here’s how you can apply it in a few easy steps:

Step 1: Visit the Parivahan website to apply for a two-wheeler driving license.

Step 2: Once on the website, click the “Driving Licence Related Services” link.

Step 3: Choose the state from where you want to get your two-wheeler driving license.

Step 4: Select “Apply for Driving Licence” from the options provided.

Step 5: Fill in all the required applicant information to proceed with your two-wheeler license application.

Step 6: Upload scanned copies of the documents mentioned in the guidelines.

Step 7: Make the software fee payment as per the instructions.

Step 8: Pick a suitable time slot for your two-wheeler driving test.

Step 9: Show up for your scheduled driving test.

Step 10: Your motorcycle license will be delivered to your address once you clear the test.

How do you Apply for an Electric Scooter (two-wheeler) Driving License Offline?

Here is the process of getting a two-wheeler driving license offline.

Step 1: Get a hold of Form 4. You can download it from the official website or pick it up from the nearest RTO office.

Step 2: Fill out the form and submit it at the nearest RTO. You must attach some required documents like proof of age and address along with the form.

Step 3: Pay the application fee for your motorcycle or two-wheeler driver’s license.

Step 4: Schedule a time for your scooter license driving test.

Step 5: Head over to the RTO office for the next steps in the process.

Wrap Up

Now you don’t need to worry about “Is a licence required for electric scooters in India?”. So, if you plan to buy a high-speed electric scooter in India, get a license first to save yourself from penalties. And remember to explore the best e-scooters in India at Vegh Automobiles.

Unlocking the Potential of electric vehicles: Vegh’s Vision for a Sustainable Future

Vegh's electric vehicles

As people have started caring a lot about the environment and looking for ways to be more sustainable, electric vehicles have emerged as an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for daily commuting.

Companies like Vegh Automobiles are leading the way in making this happen by making electric scooters and other vehicles that don’t use traditional fuels.

Vegh Automobiles is not just making electric scooters; we want to create a better future for everyone. We are working hard to come up with new and smart ideas to use electric vehicles in lots of different ways.

This means we are not just making scooters that run on electricity. We are also focusing on developing new and better ways to use electric vehicles in our daily lives. We want to show the world that EVs can be the future, and we are making it happen with their innovative ideas.

Vegh’s electric vehicles: Reducing Carbon Footprint

The cornerstone of Vegh’s vision is reducing the carbon footprint of personal transportation.

Traditional vehicles powered by fossil fuels contribute significantly to air pollution and global warming where EVs, on the other hand, offer a cleaner alternative.

Vegh’s commitment to this cause is evident through their lineup of electric scooters that emit zero tailpipe emissions, paving the way for cleaner air and a healthier planet.

Vegh’s electric vehicles: Empowering Commuters

Vegh envisions EVs as a means to empower commuters. With rising fuel costs and increasing environmental concerns, EVs provide an affordable and sustainable solution.

Vegh’s electric scooters are designed not only to meet the commuting needs of individuals but also to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience.

By putting the power of eco-conscious mobility in the hands of users, Vegh is fostering a sense of ownership in creating a greener world.

Vegh’s electric vehicles: Driving Innovation

Vegh’s vision encompasses relentless innovation. They understand that the transition to EVs requires more than just a change in power source; it demands a paradigm shift in design, technology, and user experience.

Vegh’s commitment to pushing boundaries is reflected in their electric scooters that feature cutting-edge technology, user-friendly designs, and sustainable materials.

By constantly innovating, Vegh aims to set new standards for EVs, inspiring others to follow suit.

Creating a Network of Change

Vegh’s vision extends to creating a network of change-makers. They recognize that a sustainable future requires collaboration at every level.

By partnering with dealers and individuals who share their passion for eco-conscious mobility, Vegh is not only expanding its reach but also creating a community of like-minded individuals who are driving change on a larger scale.


Vegh’s vision for a sustainable future through EVs is a testament to their commitment to environmental well-being. With an unwavering focus on reducing emissions, empowering users, fostering innovation, and building a network of change, Vegh is playing a pivotal role in shaping a world where mobility and sustainability coexist harmoniously. As they unlock the potential of EVs, Vegh is setting the course for a brighter, greener, and more sustainable future for all.

Vegh Scooters: Redefining Eco-Conscious Commuting in India

Vegh Scooters Redefining Eco-Conscious Commuting in India

In recent years, the world has witnessed a growing concern for environmental sustainability, prompting a shift towards cleaner and greener transportation options. In India, the electric mobility revolution is gaining momentum, and at the forefront of this transformation stands Vegh Scooters – a trailblazer in redefining eco-conscious commuting. 

In this blog, we’re going to explore the innovative features and environmental benefits of Vegh electric scooters, showcasing how they are spearheading a green mobility revolution in India.

Vegh Electric Scooters: Embracing Electric Mobility for a Sustainable Future

With the rising concerns over air pollution and its impact on public health, the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) has emerged as a crucial solution to combat environmental challenges.

Vegh Scooters has seized this opportunity to introduce eco-friendly alternatives to traditional petrol-powered vehicles.

By opting for Vegh electric scooters, commuters not only contribute to cleaner air but also actively participate in India’s mission to reduce carbon emissions.

Embrace Electric Scooters: Noise-Free Rides for Urban Serenity

One of the standout advantages of Vegh electric scooters is their whisper-quiet performance. Unlike conventional petrol scooters, which generate noise pollution in bustling cityscapes, Vegh scooters offer noise-free rides.

This not only adds to the rider’s comfort but also contributes to a quieter and more serene urban environment, benefiting both commuters and pedestrians alike.

Extending the Range with Efficient Battery Technology

Vegh Scooters is setting new standards in electric mobility by incorporating cutting-edge battery technology.

The scooters are equipped with a 48V lithium-powered detachable battery, offering impressive range and eliminating the range anxiety often associated with EVs.

Commuters can now enjoy extended journeys with the confidence that Vegh scooters provide the power and reliability needed for everyday travel.

Pioneering Eco-Conscious Design

Vegh Scooters is an innovative company that highly values eco-conscious design. They go above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of their electric scooters is aligned with sustainability goals. Their commitment to the environment is evident in the careful selection of materials used to construct their scooters. Vegh Scooters uses recyclable materials, which not only reduces waste but also supports the circular economy. 

But it doesn’t stop there. Vegh Scooters also understands the importance of energy efficiency. They incorporate energy-efficient components into their scooters to minimize power consumption. This not only benefits the environment by reducing energy waste but also helps users prolong the battery life and spend less on charging.

By taking a holistic approach to their design, Vegh Scooters aims to minimize the environmental impact of their products. They recognize that sustainability is a crucial aspect of the future, and their commitment to eco-conscious design sets them apart in the scooter industry. So, when you choose a Vegh scooter, you can feel good about contributing to a greener and more sustainable world.  

Financial Benefits of Electric Commuting

Beyond environmental advantages, Vegh Scooters offer significant financial benefits to users.

With lower operating costs compared to petrol scooters, electric vehicles translate to substantial long-term savings for commuters.

Additionally, government incentives and subsidies further sweeten the deal, making Vegh electric scooters an economically prudent choice for budget-conscious riders.

Charging Infrastructure and Future Prospects

Vegh Scooters is not just focused on manufacturing electric scooters; they are also dedicated to supporting the growth of charging infrastructure in India. They understand that one of the main concerns of electric vehicle (EV) owners is having access to convenient and reliable charging stations. Therefore, Vegh Scooters is actively working towards creating a strong charging network across the country.

By investing in the development of charging infrastructure, Vegh Scooters is making it easier and more convenient for EV owners to charge their scooters. This initiative not only benefits Vegh Scooter owners but also contributes to the overall growth and adoption of electric mobility in India.

With a well-established charging network, more people will feel confident in choosing electric scooters as their preferred mode of transportation. This expansion of charging infrastructure significantly enhances the feasibility and accessibility of EVs for all commuters, making the transition from traditional petrol-based vehicles to electric vehicles much smoother.


Vegh’s mission to redefine eco-conscious commuting in India has paved the way for a sustainable future.

By integrating innovative features, environmentally friendly design, and reliable battery technology, Vegh is leading the charge toward greener urban mobility.

As more individuals embrace electric scooters, the dream of cleaner air and a sustainable future becomes a tangible reality.

Together, let us ride towards a greener India with Vegh Scooters – the epitome of eco-conscious commuting.

Efficiency and Elegance Redefined: Discovering the Unparalleled All-New Vegh S60

Efficiency and Elegance Redefined: Discovering the Unparalleled All-New Vegh S60

In the ever-transforming landscape of the automotive industry, consumers are in constant pursuit of vehicles that seamlessly blend efficiency with elegance. Among the myriad of options, one flagship sedan stands out: the all-new Vegh S60 from Vegh Automobiles. This captivating EV has been generating excitement due to its exceptional fusion of performance, style, and innovation. In this comprehensive blog, we embark on a journey to explore the remarkable features that make the Vegh S60 an unparalleled choice for discerning EV buyers seeking an extraordinary driving experience.

Vegh S60: Striking Design and Exquisite Craftsmanship

The Vegh S60’s design language serves as a testament to the artistry of modern aesthetics and meticulous craftsmanship. Its sleek and aerodynamic silhouette exudes sophistication and luxury, capturing the attention of onlookers wherever it cruises. The bold front look, accentuated by state-of-the-art LED headlights, imparts an imposing presence on the road. Step inside the S60, and you’ll be welcomed by smooth, flowing lines and premium materials that create an ambiance of refinement and elegance. The seat is thoughtfully designed, offering a spacious and comfortable environment for both the rider and pillion, making every ride a delightful experience.

Vegh S60: Cutting-Edge Technology

The Vegh S60 embraces cutting-edge technology to enhance the driving experience and keep passengers seamlessly connected. Its state-of-the-art braking system integrates seamlessly, offering better control, handling, and access to a wide range of riding options. The interactive digital display provides drivers with relevant information and real-time data, adding convenience and enhancing the overall driving experience. But it doesn’t stop there—the S60 boasts an array of advanced safety features, including cruise control, park assist, and disc brakes, ensuring a safe and confident driving experience.

Vegh S60: Performance and Efficiency

Under the hood, the Vegh S60 conceals a powerhouse of a powertrain, meticulously engineered to deliver impressive acceleration and responsive handling. With every drive, the S60 offers an exhilarating and thrilling experience on the road. Whether navigating through city traffic or cruising on the open highway, the S60 demonstrates exceptional agility and handling, providing drivers with a sense of control and confidence. But performance doesn’t come at the expense of efficiency. The S60 has been meticulously optimised to achieve remarkable range of upto 120km on a single charge, allowing drivers to embark on journeys without the constant worry of frequent visits to the gas station. Additionally, the S60 offers multiple riding modes, allowing riders to tailor their driving experience according to their preferences and road conditions.

Comfort and Convenience

The Vegh S60 takes great pride in prioritising the comfort and convenience of its riders. The plush seats, designed with ergonomics in mind and offering ample legroom, ensure a relaxing ride, even on long journeys. With advanced handling features such as combined braking system, Vegh S60 maintains the perfect riding control, regardless of the weather outside. The EV comes equipped with various storage compartments and a charging port, making it easy to stay organised and connected while on the move. The S60 also boasts digital display, including smartphone charging catering to the demands of the modern lifestyle. Additionally, the trunk provides generous cargo space, ideal for accommodating all your belongings, whether it’s daily essentials or luggage for a weekend getaway.

Vegh S60: Safety and Reliability

Safety is a paramount concern for Vegh Automobiles, and the Vegh S60 is a testament to that commitment. This Electric Vehicle is equipped with a comprehensive suite of safety features, including CBS, 3 ride modes, and a reinforced safety chassis. The S60 also incorporates advanced park assist and anti-theft alarm, further enhancing safety on the road. The Vegh S60 has earned top safety ratings, offering peace of mind to drivers and passengers alike.

Driving Modes

The Vegh S60 caters to the preferences of individual riders with its selection of driving modes. Whether you prefer a sporty and dynamic drive, a relaxed and comfortable cruise, or an eco-conscious journey, the S60’s driving modes can be easily adjusted to suit your mood and driving conditions. The digital instrument cluster allows riders to access  essential information and settings according to their preferences, providing a personalised driving experience like never before.

Comfort Features 

In its pursuit of elegance, the Vegh S60 offers an array of  features and upgrades that elevate the driving experience to a whole new level. The new  hydraulic suspension system delivers great comfort, turning every drive into a memorable experience. The Vegh S60 also has a wider seat, allowing riders to be at ease during long rides. 


The all-new Vegh S60 bears witness to Vegh Automobiles unwavering commitment to delivering a harmonious blend of efficiency and elegance in one captivating package. From its striking design and cutting-edge technology to its exceptional performance and eco-friendly features, the S60 sets a premium benchmark for the modern high-speed EV. Whether you seek a thrilling driving experience, a comfortable and safe ride, an environmentally responsible choice, or a touch of technology, the S60 has it all. With its meticulous craftsmanship, advanced safety features, and top-notch performance, the Vegh S60 undoubtedly reigns as a frontrunner in the fiercely competitive EV market. Take the seat on the new S60, and experience the perfect synergy of efficiency and elegance like never before.

Shaping the Future of Mobility: How Vegh Electric Scooters are Driving the EV Revolution in India

Shaping the Future of Mobility How Vegh Electric Scooters are Driving the EV Revolution in India

India, with its rapidly growing population and expanding urban centers, faces a pressing need to address the challenges of congestion, pollution, and reliance on fossil fuels in the transportation sector. Electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a promising solution to combat these issues, with electric scooters leading the charge. Among the pioneers of the electric scooter movement in India, Vegh Automobiles has established itself as a key player, driving the EV revolution in the country. In this blog, we will explore how Vegh Electric Scooters are shaping the future of mobility in India by promoting sustainable transportation, reducing carbon emissions, and redefining urban commuting.

Addressing the State of Transportation in India

India’s transportation landscape is characterized by an overwhelming reliance on petrol and diesel-powered vehicles, resulting in severe air pollution and a significant contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. The densely populated cities often experience traffic congestion, leading to increased travel times and decreased productivity. As India’s economy continues to grow, the demand for mobility solutions is soaring, creating an urgent need for sustainable alternatives that can accommodate the ever-increasing transportation demands.

The Rise of Electric Scooters in India

Electric scooters have emerged as an ideal solution to tackle the transportation challenges in India. These vehicles offer a clean, affordable, and efficient mode of transportation that can significantly reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the adverse effects of traditional fossil-fueled vehicles. With the Indian government’s emphasis on electrification through policies and incentives, the electric scooter market has witnessed a significant surge in recent years.

Vegh Automobiles: Pioneering Sustainable Mobility

Vegh Automobiles is at the forefront of the Electric scooter movement in India, pioneering sustainable mobility with a wide range of innovative and stylish EVs. The brand’s commitment to combining cutting-edge technology, sustainable materials, and aesthetic design has set them apart as a key player in the EV revolution. Let’s delve deeper into the factors that make Vegh Electric Scooters a driving force for change in India:

Visionary Leadership: Vegh Automobiles’ journey began with a visionary leadership team that recognized the potential of electric mobility to revolutionize urban transportation. Driven by a passion for sustainability and innovation, they set out to create a brand that not only offers eco-friendly scooters but also represents a lifestyle choice aligned with responsible environmental practices.

Sustainable Materials: One of Vegh’s core principles is using sustainable materials in their scooter manufacturing process. From responsibly sourced metals to recyclable plastics, every component is carefully selected to minimize the environmental impact without compromising on quality and performance.

Advanced Battery Technology: Vegh Electric Scooters are equipped with state-of-the-art battery technology, which ensures optimal performance, longer battery life, and faster charging times. These batteries power the scooters efficiently, minimizing energy wastage and contributing to a longer range per charge.

Durable Design: Recognizing the individuality of their riders, Vegh offers various EV models, allowing users to choose their scooters according to their preferences. This emphasis on personalization enhances the emotional connection between riders and their scooters, promoting a stronger commitment to eco-friendly choices.

Safety and Connectivity: Vegh places a strong emphasis on rider safety, equipping their scooters with advanced lighting systems, combined brake features, and turn signals. Moreover, their integration of digital technology and safety options enables real-time data monitoring, contributing to a safer and more efficient riding experience.

Focus on Affordability: To encourage mass adoption of electric scooters, Vegh Electric has maintained a focus on affordability, ensuring that their vehicles are accessible to a broad range of consumers. By offering competitive pricing and attractive financing options, Vegh aims to drive the widespread adoption of electric scooters in India.

The Impact of Vegh Electric Scooters in India

The introduction of Vegh Electric Scooters has already made a considerable impact on India’s transportation landscape, with several notable effects:

Reduced Carbon Emissions: As more people switch from conventional fuel-powered scooters to electric scooters, the carbon emissions associated with the transportation sector are expected to decline significantly. This shift plays a crucial role in combating air pollution and addressing the climate crisis.

Mitigating Traffic Congestion: Electric scooters offer a nimble and efficient mode of transport, enabling riders to navigate through congested city streets more easily. By reducing traffic congestion, Electric scooters can contribute to shorter travel times and increased productivity.

Decreased Dependence on Fossil Fuels: The adoption of electric scooters reduces the country’s dependence on imported fossil fuels, promoting energy independence and enhancing national security.

Improved Air Quality and Public Health: With a reduction in tailpipe emissions, the air quality in urban areas is expected to improve, leading to healthier living conditions and a reduced burden on public health systems.

Overcoming Challenges

While the EV revolution in India is gaining momentum, several challenges remain that need to be addressed to accelerate the adoption of electric scooters:

a) Range Anxiety: Concerns about limited range and charging infrastructure are common among potential electric scooter buyers. To overcome range anxiety, continuous improvement in battery technology and the expansion of charging networks are essential.

b) Affordability and Awareness: Despite efforts to make electric scooters more affordable, price sensitivity remains a barrier for some consumers. Raising awareness about the long-term cost savings and environmental benefits of electric scooters can help overcome this challenge.

c) Charging Infrastructure: Although the government is actively investing in charging infrastructure, further expansion and optimization are required to support the growing number of electric scooters on the road.

d) Policy Consistency: Consistent and stable policies are vital to encourage investments in the electric mobility sector and provide clarity to manufacturers and consumers.


The EV revolution in India is gaining momentum, driven by the visionary efforts of companies like Vegh Automobiles. With their sustainable materials, cutting-edge technology, and focus on affordability, Vegh Electric Scooters exemplify the perfect blend of style, functionality, and eco-friendliness. Vegh Electric Scooters are playing a pivotal role in transforming India’s transportation landscape for a greener and more sustainable future by reducing carbon emissions, mitigating traffic congestion, and promoting sustainable urban commuting.

How to Avail the Best Finance Offers on your Electric Scooter Purchase in India ?

How to Avail the Best Finance Offers on Your Electric Scooter Purchase in India


Are you considering purchasing an electric scooter in India, but the financial aspect is holding you back? Don’t fret! With the increasing demand for eco-friendly transportation options, many finance providers offer attractive deals on e scooters in India. In this blog post, we will guide you through some of the best financing offers available on e scooters in India. So, gear up and get ready to make an innovative and affordable purchase that benefits your budget and contributes towards a greener environment.

Things to Consider While Choosing Financial Offers

E scooters in India are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on fuel costs. If you’re in the market for an electric scooter, you may wonder what the best finance offers are in India.

Here are some things to consider when looking for the best finance offer on an electric scooter in India:

  1. The interest rate: Compare interest rates from different lenders before settling on one. The lower the interest rate, the better. Brands like Vegh Automobiles have tie-ups with multiple banks, offering you a great choice for financing your electric scooters. 
  2. The repayment period: Choose a repayment period that suits your budget and lifestyle. A more extended repayment period will mean lower monthly repayments, but you will pay more interest overall. A shorter repayment period will mean higher monthly repayments, but you will pay less interest overall.
  3. The down payment: A larger down payment will reduce the amount you have to borrow and, consequently, the interest you’ll pay. However, it’s vital to ensure you can afford the monthly repayments even with a sizable down payment.
  4. Any hidden fees or charges: Be sure to read the fine print and understand any hidden fees or charges associated with taking out a loan for an electric scooter. These fees can add up and into your savings, so it’s essential to be aware of them upfront.
  5. Customer service: You should also consider the customer service experience of the lender you’re looking to borrow from. Good customer service will ensure that any issues you have with the loan process are quickly and efficiently resolved.
  6. Prepayment penalties: Some lenders may charge a prepayment penalty if you pay off your loan early. It is something else to consider before taking out a loan.

By researching and comparing different offers, you should be able to find the best finance offer on e scooters in India that suits your needs.

How to Avail the Best Finance Offers 

When you want to purchase an electric scooter in India, it is essential to compare different finance offers to ensure that you get the best deal possible. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when comparing finance offers, such as the interest rate, loan term, and down payment.

The interest rate is the most crucial factor when comparing finance offers. You will want to find an offer with the lowest interest rate possible so that you can save money on your loan. The loan term is also essential to consider, as a shorter loan term will mean lower monthly payments but a higher total amount of interest paid over the life of the loan. Finally, the down payment is another factor to consider, as a larger down payment will reduce your monthly payments but may require you to pay more upfront.

Once you have compared different finance offers, you can decide which option is best for your needs. Be sure to read the fine print of any loan agreement before signing.You can use an online comparison tool or speak to a financial advisor to compare finance offers. You can make your electric scooter purchase more affordable and manageable with the correct finance offer. Additionally, brands like Vegh Automobiles have expert guidance at their dealership to help you choose the best financing option for your new electric scooter. 

The Benefits of Availing a Finance Offer on an Electric Scooter 

There are many benefits of availing a finance offer on  e scooters in India. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  1. You can get easy and affordable financing for your electric scooter.
  2. The interest rates on loans will be lower than the prevailing market rates.
  3. You can repay the loan in easy monthly installments without stress.
  4. The loan tenure can be customized according to your repayment ability and convenience.
  5. You will get additional benefits like insurance coverage, extended warranty, etc., and the loan.
  6. You can save money by avoiding the upfront payment for the electric scooter.
  7. You will get tax benefits if you have a loan for purchasing an electric scooter.
  8. You can avoid paying any heavy EMIs in one go and enjoy the convenience of the long loan tenure.
  9. You can experience the joy of riding an electric scooter without any financial burden.
  10. Availing a finance offer on an electric scooter will give you peace of mind and financial freedom.


Investing in an electric scooter is a great way to reduce costs and carbon footprint while adding convenience to your life. With so many financial offers, you can make the purchase even more affordable. We hope that this article makes it easier for you to find the best finance options for your electric scooter purchase in India. If you are looking to purchase an electric scooter with great finance offers, we suggest you check Vegh Automobiles as they provide a hassle-free, customized and minimal documentation financial offers for new purchases.

Extended Electric Scooter Warranty: Things you should know

Extended Electric Scooter Warranty: Things you should know

E scooters in India are an increasingly popular form of transportation, especially in large cities. It’s no wonder they’re a convenient, eco-friendly way to get around town. But what if something goes wrong with your electric scooter? What happens, then? That’s where extended electric scooter warranties come in. In this blog post, we will discuss what you need to know about extended electric scooter warranties so you can make the right decision for your needs and budget. From coverage types to cost considerations and more, keep reading to learn more about these critical protections.

What is an extended warranty?

An extended warranty is an insurance policy on your electric scooter, covering repairs or replacements due to manufacturing defects or normal wear and tear. Many companies such as Vegh automobiles offer extended warranties for purchase, typically for an additional cost.

Extended warranties vary in length and coverage, so it’s essential to read the fine print before you buy. Some policies may only cover certain parts or components of your scooter, while others may have deductibles or limits on the number of claims you can make.

While extended warranties can provide peace of mind, they’re not always necessary. Sometimes, your credit card company or homeowners insurance may cover damages to your scooter, so be sure to check before you buy an extended warranty.

Do you need an extended warranty for your electric scooter?

An extended warranty covers repairs or replacements if your scooter breaks down. Many people wonder if they need an extended warranty for their electric scooter. Here are a few things to consider:

How long is the manufacturer’s warranty? 

It is the first question to ask if you need an extended warranty. Most manufacturers offer a one-year warranty, but some companies like Vegh automobiles offer it for three years. You may not need an extended warranty if the manufacturer offers a longer one.

What does the manufacturer’s warranty cover? 

The next question to ask is what the manufacturer’s warranty covers. Most warranties such as the ones provided by Vegh automobiles cover defects in materials and artistry, but they may not cover normal wear and tear or accidents. Ensure you know what is and isn’t covered before deciding if you need an extended warranty.

How much does the extended warranty cost? 

Extended warranties can vary in price, so be sure to compare prices before you buy one. In general, the longer the coverage period, the higher the cost will be. Be sure to factor in the extended warranty cost when considering whether or not you need one.

What are your driving habits? 

Consider an extended warranty if you regularly drive your electric scooter on rough terrain or in bad weather. These conditions can strain your scooter and increase the likelihood of breakdowns.

How to choose the best-extended warranty for your electric scooter

When it comes to e scooters in India, an extended warranty can be a great way to protect your investment. But how do you know if an extended warranty is proper for you? Here are a few things to consider when choosing an extended warranty for your electric scooter:

What does the warranty cover? 

Remember to read the fine print of any extended warranty before purchasing it. Some warranties only cover certain parts or components of the scooter, while others like the ones provided by Vegh Automobiles may cover the entire scooter.

What is the deductible? 

You will likely have to pay a deductible if you need to claim your extended warranty. Be sure to choose a deductible that you are comfortable with.

Is there a limit on how many claims you can make? 

Some extended warranties limit how many claims you can make or how much coverage you can receive. Be sure to find out if there are any limits before you purchase an extended warranty.

By considering these factors, you can be sure to choose the best-extended warranty for your electric scooter.

The benefits of having an extended warranty for your electric scooter

An extended warranty for e scooters in India can provide you with several benefits, including peace of mind, financial protection, and convenience.

An extended warranty is an insurance policy that protects you from paying for unexpected repairs or replacements. It typically covers parts and labor costs for a specified period, usually one to two years.

In addition, an extended warranty can be a convenient way to get coverage for e scooters in India. If you purchase a policy from a reputable company, they often handle all the paperwork and claims processing. It can save you time and hassle when something does go wrong with your scooter. 

How to get the most out of your electric scooter warranty

An extended warranty is a great way to ensure that your electric scooter stays in good condition for years to come. However, knowing what the warranty covers and how to get the most out of it is essential. Here are some tips:

-Read the fine print: Before purchasing an extended warranty, read the terms and conditions carefully. It will help you understand what is covered and what is not.

-Know what is covered: Most warranties like the ones provided by Vegh automobiles  will cover parts and labor, but it is essential to know precisely what is included. Some warranties may not cover accessories or damage caused by abuse or neglect.

-Keep receipts and documentation: Be sure to keep all receipts and documentation associated with your electric scooter. It will be necessary if you need to claim a warranty.

-Register the warranty: Register your extended warranty as soon as you purchase it. It will ensure you can take advantage of it if something goes wrong with your scooter.

By following these tips, you can be sure you are getting the most out of your extended electric scooter warranty.


E scooters in India are becoming a popular way to get around, and an extended warranty can provide you with peace of mind that your investment will be protected. Knowing what is covered in the warranty and how long it lasts is essential. Additionally, understanding any additional fees or restrictions related to the warranty can help ensure you get the most for your money. With these tips in mind, choosing an extended electric scooter warranty should be easy!


How Detachable Batteries are Changing the Market for an Electric Two Wheeler in India?

How detachable batteries are changing the market for an electric two wheeler in India?

Electric two wheeler are becoming increasingly popular in India. As an emerging market, electric scooters have been gaining traction with consumers because of their cost-effectiveness and convenience. But one of the biggest game-changers in this industry has been the introduction of detachable batteries. In this blog post, we’ll explore how detachable batteries like the ones used in Vegh electric scooters  are changing the electric scooter market in India and why they are an intelligent investment for riders. 

The current state of Electric Two Wheeler in India

Electric two wheeler in India is increasingly becoming popular, with more and more people opting for them as a mode of transport. However, the current state of electric scooters in India could be better. Several issues must be addressed to make electric scooters more viable for Indian consumers.

Firstly, the range of electric scooters is currently quite limited. There are only a handful of models to choose from, and only a few like Vegh  L 25 and Vegh S 25 are remarkably affordable. It needs to change if electric scooters will become more prevalent in India.

Secondly, the infrastructure for charging electric two wheeler in India could be better. There are few public charging stations, meaning most people must charge their scooters at home. It could be better, as it can take a long time to charge an electric scooter fully.

Finally, the current crop of electric scooters could be more reliable. There have been several reports of them breaking down or having other problems. It is something that needs to be improved if electric scooters are going to be taken seriously by Indian consumers.

How detachable batteries are changing the market?

Detachable batteries are becoming increasingly popular in the electric scooter market in India. It is due to their many benefits over traditional, non-detachable batteries. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Increased portability: Detachable batteries like the ones used in Vegh electric scooters can be easily removed from the scooter and carried with you, making them much more convenient than non-detachable batteries.
  2. Increased safety: Because detachable batteries can be removed from the scooter, they are much less likely to catch fire or cause other safety hazards.
  3. Easy to replace: If a detachable battery needs to be replaced, it can be quickly done without replacing the entire scooter. It is not the case with non-detachable batteries.
  4. Lower cost: Detachable batteries are often less expensive than their non-detachable counterparts. It makes them a more budget-friendly option for many consumers.
  5. Longer lasting: Detachable batteries are designed to last much longer than non-detachable batteries, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run.

Do detachable batteries affect the performance of electric scooters? 

It is a question that many people have. The answer is a complex one. It depends on a few factors, such as the type of battery, how it is used, and how well it is maintained.

The type of battery will affect its performance. For example, lithium-ion batteries used in Vegh electric scooters  are known to perform better than lead-acid batteries. They are also more expensive. If you want the best performance, you should choose a lithium-ion battery.

How you use your electric two wheeler in India will also affect its performance. If you frequently ride in cold weather, your battery will not perform as well as in warm weather. It is because cold weather decreases the efficiency of the battery. You can extend the life of your battery by storing it in a warm place when you are not using it.

Proper maintenance is also vital for optimal performance. Make sure to keep your battery clean and free of dirt and debris. Also, charge it regularly and keep it from discharge completely. By following these tips, you can help ensure that your battery performs at its best.

How to maintain detachable Electric Two Wheeler batteries?

Detachable batteries are becoming an increasingly popular choice for installation in the electric two wheeler in India. There are a few reasons for this:

  • They’re more convenient than non-detachable batteries.
  • They’re easier to replace.
  • They allow for more customization.

For the owners of Vegh electric scooters that come with a detachable battery, here are a few things you can do to keep it in good shape:

  1. Keep it clean: Wipe the battery with a dry cloth after every use. If there’s any dirt or debris on the terminals, use a brush or cotton swab to remove it.
  2. Store it properly: When you’re not using your scooter, store the battery in a cool, dry place. Avoid extreme temperatures, which can damage the battery.
  3. Charge it regularly: Even if you don’t use your scooter often, it’s essential to charge the battery at least once a month. It will help prolong its life span.


Though electric two wheelers have been in the market for a while now, they have not been prevalent in India. It is because of their high price and low range. However, this is changing with the introduction of detachable batteries.

Detachable batteries make the electric two wheeler in India more affordable as they can be bought separately from the scooter. They also make it possible to charge the batteries at home, which is more convenient than going to a charging station.

Vegh electric scooters with detachable batteries are becoming more popular in India as they offer a more affordable and convenient option than traditional electric scooters.