Electric Scooter Buyer's Guide for 2024
Electric Scooter Buyer's Guide for 2024

Electric Scooters in India (better known as E-scooters) are gaining immense popularity because of their convenience and cost-effective benefits. In addition to cost-saving and convenient benefits, e-scooters are eco-friendly modes of commuting, which is why it’s no wonder they’re becoming the top choice for many urban commuters in India. But, just like picking a perfect espresso or finding the best place to hang out, choosing the right electric scooter in India requires some research. 

So, let’s explore the essential factors you need to consider before buying the best e-scooter for your daily commute. 

Tips for Buying an Electric Scooter in India

1. Consider Battery Life and Charging Convenience

Imagine you’re enjoying a long drive with your loved one, and suddenly, your e-scooter blinks ‘battery low’ midway – embarrassing and frustrating at the same time.
Batteries are the heart of electric scooters. And in a country like India, where the weather is diverse, you’ll need an e-scooter with a strong and long-lasting battery.
Most leading e-scooters in India offer a range of 60-120 kilometres per charge, which is quite good for daily commutes. Here, what you must consider is the battery charging time. Consider the charging scooter that has fast charging capabilities. You can check out Vegh Electric Scooters that get a full charge in 4 to 5 hours, making them as convenient as charging your smartphone.

2. E-Scooter with Top Performance and Speed

Need a high-speed electric scooter??? No worries. However, most e-scooters don’t have high-speed features, yet you can check out some models like the Vegh S60 with a top speed of 65 Kmph*.
Vegh S60 aligns perfectly with urban speed norms and balances velocity and safety.

3. Build Quality and Durability

Potholes and patchy roads are some of the everyday things for Indian commuters. So, when buying an electric scooter in India, remember the roads and then consider the vehicle that can glide over those potholes and patchy roads with fewer jolts and jitters.
And yes, remember to look for good suspension systems and an IP rating for water resistance to ride safely in those monsoon seasons. Your e-scooter should stand up to the city’s wear and tear just as much as you do!!!

4. Convenience of Comfort

Ever come home from a ride feeling like you’ve just left the gym??? Uncomfortable seating can do that. Good ergonomics aren’t just about comfort; they affect your control and, by extension, safety.
When buying an e-scooter, look for adjustable handlebars, a footrest that fits your height, and a seat made just for you. Go for an e-scooter that makes your ride convenient, not a chore!!

5. Smart Connectivity Features

In this age, where we have become habitual in using smart technology, e-scooters are no exception. From GPS tracking to app-enabled controls for checking battery status, remote locking, or even getting ride statistics, always consider the e-scooter with these smart features that could completely transform your riding experience. 

6. Safety and Security Features

Safety is one of the most important factors that deserves your full attention when buying an e-scooter.  As you know, traffic mishaps are increasing daily, so purchasing a scooter equipped with ABS (anti-lock braking system) or at least CBS (combined brake system) would be safe. Also, look for enhanced lighting for better visibility during late-night riding. 

7. Price and After-Sales Service       

As per your budget, you can choose your electric scooter. Generally, the price of electric scooters in India starts from Rs. 65,000. You can set a budget, but remember that the cheapest option might only sometimes be cost-efficient in the long run.
When choosing an e-scooter, prioritize the warranty period. Opt for those e-scooters that offer at least 2 Years of warranty. Also, look for the availability of spare parts and accessible service centres.


Choose the e-scooter that perfectly fits your lifestyle, budget and expectations. As the e-scooter market grows rapidly, you must be informed and prioritize your needs to choose the best scooter.
Moreover, visit Vegh Automobiles to gear up for an electrifying ride into the future with the best e-scooters in India from Vegh. 

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