Choosing the Perfect Electric Scooter for Women in India - 2024 Edition
Best Electric Scooter for Women in India

Electric scooters are not just a trend, they are a symbol of empowerment for women in India. With their lightweight features, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness, electric scooters are the perfect choice for women who value their independence. If you are considering buying an electric scooter in India, this guide will help you choose the best one for women in 2024.

How to Choose the Best Electric Scooter for Ladies?

Gone are the days when buying a scooter for ladies meant dealing with bulky, petrol-guzzling monsters!! Electric scooters have greatly enhanced women’s riding convenience.  

The best thing about e-scooters designed for ladies is that they’re lightweight, not heavy on your pocket, and kind to Mother Earth. Perfect, right??  

Imagine the freedom of not having to visit petrol pumps! That’s the kind of convenience that comes with electric scooters. Now, let’s talk about choosing the perfect e-scooter for women in India.

Let’s be honest – any investment in buying an e-scooter shouldn’t just be about practicality; it should make you feel good, too. With the growing popularity of electric vehicles in 2024, you’ve got more choices than ever. Here’s what to look out for when buying an e-scooter for girls in India,

Lightweight Design: A scooter that’s easy to ride and makes you feel confident. Yes, please! Buy an e-scooter for ladies that’s light enough to handle comfortably but doesn’t skimp on durability.

Compact Size: We bet you’d appreciate a scooter that’s as easy to park as it is on the eyes. Compact models are great for slotting into those tight urban parking spots.

Comfort is Everything: Check out e-scooters for women with broader, comfortable seats. Trust us; it will give you great relaxation while you ride.

Long Battery Life: Invest in an e-scooter with a long-lasting battery. It would be best to have a lithium-ion battery, as they have a long life, meaning less time plugged in and more time on the move.

 Safety First: Consider e-scooters for ladies equipped with the best safety features, such as a combined braking system. Vegh e-scooters are designed with safety in mind, with features like a combined braking system that ensures efficient and safe braking. 

Buying an Electric Scooter for Women: What to Consider

Well, buying an e-scooter for women isn’t just about a love-at-first-sight kind of deal. You’ve to explore and research more to find your best fit!! You must consider these things before investing in an e-scooter for ladies. Also, make sure to understand the process of buying and registering an electric scooter in India to ensure that you are following all the legal requirements.

Range: Check out how far it goes on a single charge. Make sure the scooter fits your daily route to avoid mid-trip hiccups.

Charging Ready: There’s little point in an electric scooter if you’re nowhere near a charging point, right? In India, the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is rapidly expanding. Before buying the scooter, check your nearby charging stations and the availability of charging points in your area.

Style and Design: Your vehicle is the mirror of your style. So, buy an e-scooter for ladies that has a sleek design, advanced features and colour combinations. 

Balancing Budget and Quality: Look for e-scooters with advanced features included in your budget. Recently, several e-scooters have been launched, including a great combo of e-scooters with affordability and quality. It’s also important to understand the process of maintaining an electric scooter, which usually involves regular cleaning, checking the tire pressure, and ensuring that the battery is charged.

Get the Scoop from Reviews: There’s nothing like hearing it straight from fellow riders. Explore the honest reviews to get a real feel for your potential new scooter.

Buy Best Electric Scooter For Women: Vegh E-scooters

If you want to buy the best electric scooter for women, you can explore Vegh e-scooters. They are stylish, advanced and affordable as well. Here’s a comparison of the following Vegh e-scooters to help you choose the one that fits your needs and budget.

  1. Vegh L25


  • Price – Start at Rs 78,999 (Ex-showroom Price)
  • Charging Time (0-80%) – 3.5-4 Hrs
  • Range- 70 km/charge
  • Battery Capacity- 1.34 Kwh
  • Top Speed- 25 km/Hr
  • Battery Warranty – 3 Years or 40,000 Km
  • Motor Power – 250 W
  • Battery Warranty- 3 Years or 40,000 Km
  • Motor Warranty- 1 Year, 20,000 km
  • Charger Warranty- 1 Year
  • Roadside Assistance- Yes
  • Low battery alert- Yes
    Vegh L25
  1. Vegh S25


  • Price – Starts at Rs. 77,999 (Ex-showroom price)
  • Charging Time- (0-80%) 3-3.5 Hrs
  • Range- 70 km/charge
  • Battery- 48 V
  • Top Speed- 25 km/Hr
  • Battery Warranty- 3 Years or 40,000 Km
  • Riding Modes- 3
  • Brakes – Front Disc, Rear Drum
  • Suspension – Hydraulic (Front)
  • Low battery alert- Yes
    Vegh S25 Price, Range, Battery Charging Time, Top Speed, Images
  1. Vegh S60


  • Price – starts at Rs. 99,000
  • Range – 85-150 km/charge
  • Motor Power- 2.5 kW
  • Motor Type- BLDC
  • Charging Time: 3-4 Hr
  • Front Brake- Drum
  • Rear Brake- Drum
  • Body Type- Electric Scooters
  • Braking Type- Combi Brake System
  • Speedometer- Digital
  • Odometer- Digital
  • Tripmeter- Digital
  • Battery Warranty- 3 Years or 40,000 Km
  • Vehicle Warranty- 3 Years
  • Roadside Assistance Yes
    Vegh S60

Wrap Up

Buying the right electric scooter for women, especially for the busy Indian lanes, needs some research. To buy the best one, prioritize features, comfort, and style. It’s about choosing a ride that feels part of your day without overshadowing it. Vegh e-scooters are not only stylish and advanced but also require minimal maintenance, ensuring that they stay in top condition for a long time. 

Vegh electric scooters are also a great option, as they ease your commute and add a little joy to every trip. Vegh provides excellent after-sales service and customer support, ensuring that your experience with their e-scooters is always smooth and hassle-free. 

Let us make your life easier. Search for what you are looking for here.

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