Vegh S25
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Inspired by an ancient Japanese technique famous for its efficiency and safety, the core values of our New Sim Range scooters by Vegh Automobiles make them the most economical and eco-friendly electric scooters in India. The first in this range is the Vegh S25.

The Vegh S25 electric scooter is made for those who need a high-performance, lightweight, and nimble commuter. With an extended battery life through a detachable 48V lithium-powered battery, VeghS25 electric scooters in India can run up to 75kms* on a single charge. Vegh S25 is equipped with a disc brake system, anti-theft alarm, and LED front light to ensure total safety for you and your loved ones.

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Anti-theft Alarm System

Forget the days of worrying about parking your electric scooter in a safe spot! Our anti-theft alarm system is designed to protect your scooter anytime, anywhere. With a proximity sensor and powerful alarm, you can be sure that your Vegh S25 is safe wherever you take it.

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Large Boot Space

We know large cargo space tops the must-have features for the next electric scooters in India. When it comes to that storage capacity, we do not want any scrunching or sacrificing it away with a massive electric engine- that is why we optimized our boot space to meet the new age demands. Whether using it for work or play, the Vegh S25 is the one for you. With Massive under-seat storage with plenty of storage pocket spaces – Vegh S25 meets all your storage needs!

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Reverse Mode

Give your legs and neck some well-deserved rest! Taking a reverse from impassable roads or bike traffic has just got easier. Reverse mode gently accelerates the wheels in reverse, making it much easier to free up your electric scooter in those tight spots that you sometimes regret being in!

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Incredible Battery

With zero emissions and low-cost battery maintenance, the Vegh Automobiles S25 is the perfect electric scooter in India for your daily commute. The 48V lithium-powered detachable battery brings you the freedom to charge your scooter anywhere with an incredible range that takes your ride up to 75 km* on a single charge.

best electric scooter in India
Vegh L25
Vegh S25
Battery Voltage 60 V 48 V
Maximum Tested Range 80 Km* 70 Km*
Charging time 4 hours to full charge* 4 hours 40 minutes to full charge*
Riding modes 3 ride modes 3 ride modes
Speedometer LED LED
Brakes Disc brakes (Front & Rear) Front Disc, Rear Drum
Tyre size 3.00-10 Tubeless -
Front 3.00-10 Tubeless-Rear
3.00-10 Tubeless -
Front 3.00-10 Tubeless-Rear
Suspension Hydraulic (Front) Hydraulic (Front)
Lights LED (Front) LED (Front)
Cruise Control Yes Yes
Park Mode Yes Yes
Auto repair Switch Yes Yes
The maximum speed of Vegh S25 is 25 km/h.
The Vegh automobiles S25 can travel upto 75 kms on a single charge. However, the range of the Vegh S25 may increase or decrease based on the driving conditions, terrain and battery charge. Lower battery charge may reduce the range of the Vegh electric scooter. It is advisable to charge your Vegh S25 battery to the full capacity to utilise maximum range for your travel.
Yes, the Vegh electric scooters have speed control. The Vegh automobiles S25 and L25 come in three driving modes to control the speed. The riding modes can be changed as per the driving conditions, road and traffic situation of your commute. The riding modes help the scooter to deliver economical range while reducing the load on the battery.
The cost of charging may vary with regions across the country. However, Vegh electric scooters can go up to 70 kms on a single charge. The charging time for the vegh e scooter is about 4 hours and 40 minutes to full charge. When calculated the cost per kilometer for the scooters is about Rs 0.10 or 10 paise making it extremely affordable and economical for daily commute.