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Want to venture into the growing EV industry and not sure where to start? Well, you can start by taking the electric scooter dealership.
Drive the future to e-mobility in the electric two-wheeler segment by taking the electric scooter dealership of Vegh Automobiles.
The unavoidable is only a stone’s throw away on an ever-changing, ever-evolving planet. It’s only natural that we move with the automobile industry as it is going through substantial change for the first time in a century. Vegh Automobiles welcomes you to a new era of electric two-wheelers. Our electric scooters are built to deliver and made to last.
We seek partners to collaborate with as we want to broaden our reach. Let us work together to shape the future.
Vegh Automobiles supports Make in India and helps the nation to fight against climate change.
Be a part of Vegh Automobiles and join the Evolution.

Yes, EV Two-Wheeler Dealership is a profitable business. The reason for this is simple: the demand for electric scooters is growing and companies are responding to that demand by opening new dealerships across India. In order to make your EV two wheeler dealership profitable, you must have the right resources as well as a plan in place to keep your business running smoothly. You can also choose to invest in marketing campaigns that will help drive traffic into your dealership, which will in turn generate sales for you.
To become an EV dealer in India you must have a business licence to open a dealership along with a business space to display the EVs. Once you have these two things in place, you can approach EV manufacturers such as Vegh Automobiles and check the criteria for opening a Vegh dealership in your locality. Additionally, you can visit the official Vegh website and check the dealership page and apply online by filling up the required details.
The EV industry is profitable because it offers a unique set of services and products that other industries don't. For example, the EV industry provides transportation services to people who live in remote areas that don't have access to fuel pumps. This means that they are often able to charge their vehicles at home and use them as they would any other mode of transportation. Another benefit of promoting electric vehicles is that customers don't have to worry about fuel prices going up every time-they'll always have the freedom to go wherever you want whenever you want!
You can start an electric vehicle dealership in four steps given below:
      ● Step 1- Get a business licence.
      ● Step 2- Find a location for your dealership. The place can be rented or owned. It would be best if you can get a place closer to the commercial area or market place in your locality as it can attract significant footfall that can result in sales.
      ● Step 3- Apply for dealership in electric vehicle manufacturing companies such as Vegh automobiles. Vegh automobile offers easy servies and setup for Vegh dealership across India and you can easily apply for a dealership by visiting their official website.
      ● Step 4- Invest into marketing and promotional activities to attract more customers to your business. To know more about how to start an electric vehicle dealership, you can read a detailed blog on the Vegh website’s blog section.