Vegh L25
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Inspired by an ancient Japanese technique famous for its efficiency and safety, the core values of our New Sim Range scooters by Vegh Automobiles make them the most economical and eco-friendly electric scooters in India.

The L25 by Vegh Automobiles is an electric scooter made for those who need a stylish, lightweight, and high-performance commuter. With an extended battery life through a detachable 60V lithium-powered battery pack, Vegh L25 electric scooter can run up to 80kms* on a single charge. Vegh L25 is equipped with a disc brake system, anti-theft alarm, and powerful LED front lights to ensure total safety for you and your loved ones.

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Anti-Theft Alarm

With the new remote key access allowing only the owner to unlock the scooter, the anti-theft alarm system eliminates the hassle of finding super safe spots to park your electric scooters in India. Now be at ease and leave all your worries to the safe riding partner- Vegh L25.

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Double Disc Brakes

Vegh Automobiles L25 smart and stylish electric scooters now come with disc brakes for the front and rear tires. The Dual discs combine the reliability of disc brakes with the convenience and maneuverability of electric scooters – ensuring safe, jerk-free rides for your daily commute.

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Reverse Mode

A rider deserves complete control of his vehicle- forward or backward. Our intelligent reverse mode makes your commute a delightful experience by swiftly assisting in taking your electric scooter backward from tight spots.

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Enhanced Battery Pack

With low-cost maintenance and extended battery life, enjoy longer rides without the hassle of looking for charging points. The detachable 60V lithium-powered battery gives the L25 incredible performance and an impressive range of 80 km* on a single charge – perfect for people looking for a performance-packed daily commute vehicle.

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Vegh L25
Vegh S25
Battery Voltage 60 V 48 V
Maximum Tested Range 80 Km* 75 Km*
Charging time 4 hours to full charge* 4 hours 40 minutes to full charge*
Riding modes 3 ride modes 3 ride modes
Speedometer LED LED
Brakes Disc brakes (Front & Rear) Front Disc, Rear Drum
Tyre size 3.00-10 Tubeless -
Front 3.00-10 Tubeless-Rear
3.00-10 Tubeless -
Front 3.00-10 Tubeless-Rear
Suspension Hydraulic (Front) Hydraulic (Front)
Lights LED (Front) LED (Front)
Cruise Control Yes Yes
Park Mode Yes Yes
Auto repair Switch Yes Yes
The Vegh L25 can go up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h. The maximum speed of the Vegh electric scooter can vary with the road conditions, drive modes and driving conditions. It is advisable to keep the electric scooter in check as per the driving conditions such as rain as it can cause accidents.
Yes, the Vegh electric scooters have an accelerator. The accelerator is located on the right side of the handlebar, near where your right foot would be if you were riding it. It's a button that you press down while you're riding to help move the scooter faster or slower.
The price of Vegh L25 in India starts from Rs. 78,999/-. The Ex-showroom price may vary from state to state. If you are looking to buy vegh electric scooters it would be best if you visit the nearest dealership. You can find the dealership locator on the Vegh automobiles website.
There are two ways of purchasing the Vegh L25 electric scooter in India: 1. You can book the Vegh L25 scooter by booking it online through the vegh automobiles official website. Visit and click on book now button on homepage. Fill in the details and pay Rs. 101/- to reserve your electric scooter. Once the scooter is booked, Vegh representative will call you on the mobile number provided and assist you with further process. 2. You can locate the nearest Vegh dealership from the official vegh website. Visit the Vegh dealership and our representatives will help you with the purchase. If you have any difficulties in finding a dealership you can call on the numbers given on the website.
The 60V battery that comes in the Vegh electric scooter will last up to 80 kms on a single charge. However, the battery can be optimised as per the use. It is advisable to charge the battery to the full capacity to utilise the maximum range for a Vegh electric scooter.