How to Extend Your EV Battery Life
How to Extend Your EV Battery Life

Under normal circumstances, a standard EV battery can easily last for more than five years. The batteries used in electric scooters in India are manufactured to provide a long battery life. Tesla claims that EV batteries can last for more than 12 years. However, several other factors contribute to the deterioration of an EV battery, in addition to calendar aging. In this blog, we shall address these factors and understand what we can do to enhance the life of an EV battery. The external conditions of an Electric Vehicle affect battery health to a considerable extent, and there are certain situations that EV owners need to avoid to ensure that the battery life of an Electric Vehicle can be maximized.

Suggestions that can help enhance EV battery life:

Avoid high temperatures when parked

EVs have an automated temperature control system, which, when deployed, keeps trickling the EV battery away. Over time, this adds to the battery’s aging, leading to lower battery life. However, the automated temperature control only works when the ignition is on. However, not even India’s best electric scooters have this system. The ones that do not have this system in place cannot regulate the temperature of their battery. Therefore, these batteries risk catching fire when exposed to a high temperature. 

Avoid using fast-charging for your EV

Even though fast-charging an EV battery is lucrative for owners, it must be kept under consideration that it is detrimental to battery health. Fats chargers push a little too much electricity into batteries. This leads to extra strain on the EV battery, which deteriorates the chemical composition of the battery and takes away from the battery life. You should only use authorized chargers to charge your EV.

Always keep your battery charged to an optimum level

It is suggested that you keep the battery level of your EV under check at all times. To maintain optimum battery life, one should ensure that the electric scooters in India have batteries with a suggested range of 25-75% at all times. If the battery stays completely discharged when parked for a long time, it affects the health of the EV battery and, therefore, is not desirable.

Refrain from charging your EV battery too frequently

Although it is tempting to keep your EV battery fully charged at all times, it would require frequent charging, which is not desirable for chargeable batteries. Frequent charging of batteries can lead to detrimental effects on the performance and the condition of an EV battery. Fully charging the rechargeable battery of electric scooters in India sounds attractive because it allows the owner to go farther on a single charge. However, one must refrain from doing that often to avoid accelerated battery aging.

Use authorized and original chargers

Third-party chargers with similar ratings are available on the market to compete with original chargers made for EV batteries. 3rd-party chargers are not a good choice as they do not protect the battery during manufacturing, allowing companies to create greater margin profits instead. Third-party chargers for electric scooters are relatively cheaper and are readily available in the market. EV owners should avoid using these chargers as much as possible, according to the suggestion.

Prevent the battery from physical shocks

You should handle your EV Battery with care. Even the EV batteries used in India’s best electric scooters need to be kept safe and protected from being dropped or knocked off the vehicle, as that can displace the internal components and might damage the battery. If the thermal balancing system and wiring throw off the balance, the chances of a battery misfunctioning can increase.

Let the battery cool off before you charge it

Refrain from putting your EV battery on charge right after a ride. When the battery gets hot and is not optimal for charging, it is being utilized. EV owners should wait an hour or a half after using the EV to travel before they charge it again. This will help enhance the longevity of EV batteries to a significant extent.

Refrain from accelerating heavily, and maintain a constant average speed

It has been observed that suddenly accelerating EV vehicles frequently leads to a loss of capacity for the batteries. Maintaining a constant average speed throughout rides decreases the battery decay rate. Therefore, sticking to constant and moderate speeds throughout rides is a good option for people who want to enhance their EV batteries’ longevity.

Predictions suggest that by the end of 2040, electric vehicles will account for nearly 60% of all passenger vehicle sales. Signaling a growing preference for cleaner transportation choices among people. However, it is essential to take care of the EV battery that powers India’s best electric scooter, as longer battery life and better performance are desirable for most EV users in India and across the world. If you want to enhance the battery life of your Electric scooter in India, pay attention to the tips mentioned above.

Enhancing battery life and performance can help users save more money, while having a better experience with EVs. Which will help popularize EVs even more. Moreover, disposing of batteries is slightly detrimental to the environment if done improperly. We should avoid frequent disposal of EV batteries. Thus, every EV owner must strive to enhance the longevity and capacity of their EV batteries!

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