Learn About The Top Benefits Of Buying Electric Scooters In India
Electric Scooters In India

The demand for electric vehicles, especially electric scooters in India (EVs), is increasing. In India, two-wheelers are one of the most common forms of transportation, and as the call for EV usage becomes louder, so do electric two-wheelers. Before buying an electric scooter, you need to know its benefits. In this blog, we will learn about the benefits of electric scooters in India from the consumer’s point of view.

In the Indian Market, there are two types of electric scooters. High-speed electric scooters and low-speed electric scooters. Vegh Automobiles have electric scooters for both segments. Vegh S25 and Vegh L25 are in the low-speed segment, while Vegh S60, launched soon, will be in the high-speed segment.

Benefits of buying electric scooters in India

Typically, compared to their traditional counterparts, electric scooters in India are more expensive. Although it has few parts compared to the ICE scooter because the cost of lithium batteries is rising, it’s impacting the cost of electric scooters. But if you take into account the following factors, you can save money when purchasing an electric bike or scooter:

Incentive/Tax Benefits

The state governments of India and the central government of India both support the usage of electric vehicles and provide incentives for their purchase. In addition, buying an electric scooter in India can save you money on taxes because EVs pay fewer sales taxes (GST) than cars that run on petrol or diesel. So, before making the purchase, verify the relevant incentives and tax benefits.

Insurance and Registration Cost:

Low-speed electric scooters are exempt from registration and insurance requirements. Additionally, no driving license is required to use these electric scooters. Therefore, you will save money on registration and insurance if you purchase a low-speed electric two-wheeler. Low-speed electric scooters typically feature low-capacity electric motors and battery packs, and their riding range is between 50 and 60 kilometers. Short-distance riding is best suited for these kinds of vehicles.

Environmentally friendly

Electric scooters do not emit any pollution is the main selling point for them among the benefits and drawbacks of electric bikes. They reduce air pollution because they don’t emit smoke or burn fossil fuels. This, however, is in question because the electricity needed to charge these scooters will primarily be generated by burning coal, the nation’s main source of electricity. This is not the most environmentally beneficial option unless the government develops cleaner sources of electricity. Nevertheless, compared to fuel-powered vehicles, electric cars are much more environmentally friendly.

Lower Running Cost

While the upfront cost of electric motorcycles and scooters is slightly more than that of standard two-wheelers, the money you will save on fuel over time makes this a very cost-effective decision. More and more individuals are switching to electric vehicles due to their cheaper operating expenses due to rising fuel prices.


The absence of complicated machinery is one of the key benefits of electric scooters when weighing their benefits and drawbacks. As a result, compared to traditional vehicles, electric bikes have substantially cheaper maintenance costs.

Storage Space

Because electric scooters have fewer moving parts than conventional bikes and scooters, so they feature a huge storage area that can carry a range of items.


Electric scooters are less complicated and have fewer moving parts. They are hence small and convenient to park. Since driving a heavier vehicle is more challenging, the car’s small weight also makes driving easier. Among the advantages and disadvantages of e-bikes, the lightweight design and small size allow you to store your scooter indoors when it’s raining.

We hope you have all the information you are looking for regarding the benefits of owning electric scooters in India. Also, if you want to start your own EV business, you can look for franchise or dealership options.

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