Safety Guidelines for Electric Scooters in India

Keeping electric scooters safe is very easy, all you need to understand is that it’s not an ICE scooter. Electric scooters are different and they require some very specific care.

Even though electric scooters are becoming more and more popular, a few fire incidents have prompted questions about safety. See advice on how to keep the battery in your e-scooters from igniting.

Similar to smartphones, your EVs have lithium-ion batteries, but unlike smartphones, they are frequently kept in direct sunlight, which causes them to heat up and catch fire.

Summertime’s highest temperatures might cause the battery to overheat and result in fire occurrences. Faulty charging is one of the primary causes of these fire mishaps, in addition to the weather problem. Accidents occur when people use chargers that give the incorrect output current and voltage.

These are technical problems that could start a fire. Accidental damages can also start a fire because they can physically harm the battery and rupture the cells, which can start a fire.

Tips for your electric scooter safety

  • Charge the battery only after using it for 30 to 40 minutes to give it time to cool down.
  • Avoid using any other replacement or locally produced charger when charging the battery; always use the OEM (original equipment manufacturer)-supplied authentic charger.
  • Contact your electric scooter dealer if the battery case is cracked or filled with water. Keep the battery out of the way of heat sources, fire hazards, and caustic or flammable materials.
  • Parking your electric scooter in a shady area rather than all day in the hot sun is one of the most crucial and fundamental safety measures you can take.
  • The charger should be unplugged when the battery is not charging, and both the battery and the charger should be maintained in a dry, sterile, and well-ventilated area.

The typical range of an electric scooter is between 80 and 120 kilometers, but over time, battery deterioration reduces this range. For both the longevity of the car and the battery, it becomes crucial to maintain the battery of your EV.

 Tips for maintaining the health of the battery

  • Try to keep it at a normal temperature and stay away from extreme heat.
  • Avoid non-genuine products and always use real chargers.
  • After driving the electric scooter, wait 1-2 hours before charging them again.
  • Never keep batteries fully discharged.
  • Avoid quick charging and only use it when necessary.
  • When parked, try to stay out of direct sunlight.
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