Best Electric Scooters in India: Speed, Range, Battery, and Price

Best Electric Scooters in India

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular due to the many advantages they provide over traditional petrol or diesel-powered scooters. In addition to being more affordable when fuel prices are rising daily, they are also more environmentally friendly and have lower maintenance costs. However, in India, electric scooters are still a relatively new type of vehicle. With this blog, our objective is to let you know how to choose the best electric scooters among all available options.

Now the question is, what are those parameters on which you can decide which are the best electric scooters? Now here, the word best is very subjective. It can vary from person to person. There might be a possibility that what you think is best is not the best for you. For example, some electric vehicles have speeds of more than 100 kmh while some have a max speed of less than 100 km. It all depends on your comfort and the objective of that electric scooter.

There are mainly 4 parameters on which you have to check electric scooters: speed, range, battery life, and price. Let’s have a look at each of them and understand them.

Different Parameters of Best Electric Scooters in India

Electric Scooter Speed:
Regarding speed, there are 3 variants of the electric scooter. The first is low-speed electric scooters, the second is medium-speed electric scooters, and the third is high-speed electric scooters.

The low-speed electric scooters run at a speed of 25 kmh and don’t need any license. All they need is a simple registration. For example, Vegh e scooters, Vegh S25 and Vegh L25 have a max speed of 25 kmph.

Then comes the medium-speed electric vehicles. Their speed range varies between 50 mph to 80 mph. And after that comes high-speed electric vehicles. Their top speed is more than 100 kmph.

Now it’s up to you which electric scooter you want to buy. If you love speed, you can go for high-speed electric scooters; if you want something comfortable and pocket friendly, you can go for medium or low-speed electric scooters.

The range is an essential aspect of electric scooters. Range anxiety is one of the leading causes of people’s hesitation to buy electric scooters in the first place. But thanks to government and corporate collaboration on setting up multiple EV charging stations, this issue of the range will not last for long.

First, you have to understand the range of your daily commute. Is it less than 80 km or more than that? If your office is within 30 kilometers, then back and forth will be 60 kilometers. If we add another 10 kilometers to your daily commute, it becomes 70 kilometers. So now you need an electric scooter of 70-80 kilometers. Luckily Vegh e-scooters Vegh L 25 and Vegh S 25 both have a range of 70+ kilometers.

Now, if your daily commute is more than 80 kilometers, you can go for the higher range variants of electric scooters.

The battery is one of the essential parts of electric scooters. It won’t be wrong to say that the battery is the backbone of electric scooters. As of now, the majority of batteries for electric vehicles are based on a lithium-ion chemistry and mainly NMC and LFP. But in the case of electric scooters, the battery is made of NMC.

There are 3 voltage platforms of electric scooter batteries, which are 48V, 60V, and 72V. The cost of the battery is defined by the watt-hour, or in simple terms, its capacity. Of course, the high-capacity battery will give more range to the electric scooters but will also add up to the cost.

All the parameters we have gone through define the price of the electric scooter. If you want an electric scooter with high speed and high range will cost you more than an electric scooter with low speed and medium range. Many electric scooter manufacturers offer you financing options like Vegh Automobiles. Vegh e-scooters come with financing options. For any electric scooter financing-related information, you can contact Vegh Automobiles.

Based on all of these parameters, you can decide among all the available electric scooter options which are the best for you.

Things to know before buying electric Scooters in India

Electric Scooters In India

It’s 2022 and the entire world is talking about electric Scooters in India. You would also be thinking about getting an electric bike because it’s a universal truth that electric bikes are more economical than petrol bikes.

Before buying electric bikes, you must first know about the best electric bikes and scooters. Best electric bikes and scooters are those that meet your requirements. So the question is what is your purpose in buying an electric scooter? Are you looking for a city commute or long-range travel? In this blog, we will try to understand how to choose the perfect electric scooters in India that can fulfil your requirements.

Different Types of Electric Scooters in India

Low-speed Electric Scooters in India

Electric Scooters in India that go at low speeds do exactly what their name implies. Performance and top speed are noticeably inferior to those of high-speed models. Their maximum speed is 25kmph. Furthermore, these can operate on public roadways without even a license or registration. Additionally, this equates to a waiver of both road tax and registration payments.

If we talk about the range of these electric bikes, it can be between 70 to 80 km, which is perfect for the within-city commute. Like if your office is 30km from your home then low-speed electric bikes can be a good option.

Low-speed electric scooters are the basic ones so their features are not given much attention. Basic components like LED headlights, bulb turn indicators, and tail lights are typically included in low-speed EVs. Drum brakes are used both upfront and down back because the peak speed doesn’t require a lot of stopping force.

High-speed Electric Scooters

High-speed electric scooters offer a long range per charge and can be easily used for inter-city commutes. These need to be registered with the RTO and have a valid license to ride, although they have no set top speed limit. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, these have a green license plate.

Additionally, high-speed EVs are typically loaded with technology. There are many functions incorporated, such as Bluetooth connectivity, LED illumination, replaceable/swappable batteries, and navigation. These get front and rear disc brakes with CBS for dropping the anchor, unlike the low-speed ones.

If your daily riding is more than 100 Km then high-speed electric scooters are the right option to choose.

Choosing Electric Scooters in India Over an Ice Vehicle Is a Responsible Choice

Environmentally friendly

The biggest selling point of electric vehicles whether electric cars or electric bikes is that it offers pollution-free travel. They reduce air pollution because they don’t emit smoke or burn fossil fuels. So the owner and the driver feel like they are contributing to making a better future. It gives a sense of responsibility towards mother earth.

The more people will use electric bikes, the less petrol and diesel the government will have to purchase. In comparison to fuel-powered vehicles, electric cars are much more environmentally friendly.

Lower Running Cost

While the upfront cost of electric bikes and scooters is slightly more in comparison to the standard ICE 2-wheelers, the money you will save on fuel will cover that difference. More and more individuals are switching to electric vehicles due to their cheaper operating expenses as a result of rising fuel prices.

No Noise Pollution

Most ICE-based vehicles make a lot of noise. You can hear numerous automobiles making a lot of noise when you step outside. Electric bikes and scooters are different as they produce little to no noise at all.


Electric scooters have fewer moving parts and because of that, they are light in weight. Being lightweight makes them easy to drive and handle. One can easily park it inside the house when it’s raining outside.

Vegh L25 by Vegh Automobiles

Vegh L25 Electric Scooters in India

With a range of 80 km and 3 different driving modes and cruise control, the Vegh L25 is a smart choice if you are looking for an electric scooter in India. It is powered by a powerful 60V lithium-ion battery which takes only 4 hours to fully charge.

Other features include remote control, security alarm, and USB charge ports.

Vegh S25 by Vegh Automobiles

Vegh S25 Electric Scooters in India

Vegh S25 is the other electric scooter offered by Vegh Automobile. It has a range of 75 Km with a charging time of 4 hours and 40 minutes. It has all the features which L25 has.

Electric Scooter Guide 2022: 15 Things About Best Electric Scooters

best electric scooters in India

Electric scooters are the focus of attention in the electric vehicle (EV) market in India. The two-wheelers are small, reasonably priced, and work with the nation’s current infrastructure. As a result, the market is flooded with electric scooters. These e-scooters are offered at practically all price points and are produced by both established organizations in the automobile industry and new startups. In this blog, you will get to know about all those points that you need to know about the best electric scooters in India.


Most electric scooters have the same features but few have some advanced features which can impact the price of the electric scooters. Some manufacturers also provide GPS tracking, OTA software updates, reverse charging for smartphones, and remote monitoring via an app. When purchasing an electric scooter, you should consider the following features.

  • Boot Space
  • Ride ergonomics
  • Riding Modes
  • Display
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Navigation
  • Charging Point
  • Charge time

When the battery in your electric scooter goes low, you’ll need some time to recharge it. It is advised that you buy an electric scooter that charges quickly, ideally in less than seven hours, so you can leave it on charge overnight. Consider a device that enables fast charging as well so you can rapidly recharge if you run out of power in the middle of your commute.


The range is the second most crucial factor to consider when purchasing an electric vehicle. The declared range by manufacturers and the actual range that you receive in practice differ, similar to fuel mileage. To determine the actual range of an electric scooter, check the maximum range it offers and, if you can, get in touch with those who are already using the EV. To extend their overall range, some electric scooters are now shipped with an additional battery pack. Vegh electric scooters have an amazing range for intra-city or intercity commute, i.e., for short and long distances respectively.


The cost is the first and most obvious factor to take into account before buying an electric scooter. Both battery technology and electric scooters are still somewhat pricey. Make sure you do your homework and comprehend all the details, including the scooter’s on-road price, financing choices (if any are available), promotions, and the kind of tax benefits you will receive when you buy it.

Ownership cost

One of the many things that vehicle owners often overlook is the entire cost of ownership or operating a vehicle, but this is something that should be carefully considered, especially before buying an electric scooter. The price of electricity, daily usage, use scenarios, whether it will be utilized for short or long travels, and other factors should all be considered.

Performance/ power

Some scooters go at speeds of 40–50 km/h and others move at speeds of 80–100 km/h. The lower-power electric scooters are more suited for you if you prefer a leisurely riding style and don’t require quick acceleration bursts.

Power modes

Different power settings that are typically included with electric scooters affect the overall range. These are designed to increase the range as a whole. To determine the type of power, look for scooters that have different modes, such as Eco and Sport.

Battery life

electric scooter Battery life

Another crucial aspect to think about when buying an electric scooter is the battery life. The first component you may need to repair is the battery because it will eventually lose power. Not only that, you also need to know about the battery life of the battery which is being used in the electric scooter. Vegh electric scooters are powered with the best lithium batteries.


It’s critical to research an electric scooter’s dependability in the real world before making a purchase. A scooter’s reliability rating is influenced by several elements, including the charging infrastructure, battery life, construction quality, etc. In a similar vein, confirm if the brand has a reliable service network.

Build quality

Many EV manufacturers typically ignore and pay little attention to build quality to keep the price cheap. As a result, it is your responsibility to research the build quality of the electric scooter you are interested in by reading and watching reviews, looking through consumer feedback, and so on. It’s a good idea to test drive the scooter so you can see for yourself how well it is made. Vegh Electric Scooters are manufactured based on international standards.

Brand value

Consider buying an electric scooter from a company that has a solid reputation, is well-known, or has had positive feedback from customers.


The battery and the motor are the two most crucial components of an electric scooter. These are the two main parts of an electric scooter that could malfunction. It is therefore advisable to find out the warranty details for these components. The battery and motor are typically covered by warranties that last for at least 2-3 years, however, some manufacturers go even beyond. Make sure the scooter you choose comes with a lengthy battery and motor warranty.

After-sales service and maintenance

Unlike traditional ICE vehicles, electric vehicles don’t require the same level of maintenance. Due to the substantially longer service intervals, you won’t need to bring your electric scooter to the shop every six months. Before buying an electric scooter, it is best to get the full picture from the manufacturer regarding after-sales support and other maintenance charges. Make sure the company also has a reliable network of service locations.

Charging stations

You can typically get home charging stations installed by electric scooter manufacturers, but you should also check whether there are any public charging stations nearby. To be able to charge while driving if necessary, it is imperative to determine whether the EV brand has a solid network of charging stations. Additionally, it would be much easier if you could charge the electric scooter using a conventional wall outlet or other third-party chargers. Vegh electric scooters are compatible with public chargers.

Tax benefits

You should be qualified for a tax rebate and other advantages when buying an electric scooter because the Indian government is pushing for the sale of electric cars. You can receive tax savings on the interest paid toward the loan taken to buy an electric car up to Rs 1.5 lacs under Section 80EEB. If you meet the requirements listed below, you may qualify for the tax benefit under Section 80EEB.

Between April 1, 2019, and March 31, 2023, the loan must be approved for the purchase of an electric car.

A financial institution must be contacted to obtain the loan.

Be sure to look into any manufacturer-provided buy-back incentives in addition to tax advantages.

To know more about the tax benefits, you can contact Vegh Automobiles.