Safely Sailing: Tips for Riding in Rain with Vegh Electric Scooters

Electric scooters have become a popular mode of transportation in urban areas,
offering a convenient and eco-friendly way to navigate through busy streets.
However, when the weather takes a turn for the worse, riders may face some
challenges, particularly when riding in the rain. Riding an electric scooter in wet
conditions requires extra caution and preparation to ensure a safe and smooth
journey. In this blog, we will explore some essential tips for riding in the rain with
Vegh Electric Scooters, allowing riders to navigate through wet weather
conditions confidently and safely.

Pre-Ride Check

Before setting out on a rainy journey, it is crucial to conduct a pre-ride check to
ensure that your electric scooter is in top-notch condition. In wet weather,
components like brakes and tires may be more susceptible to reduced
effectiveness. Inspect the brakes to ensure they are not worn out, and the tires for
any signs of damage or low tread depth. Additionally, check the lights to verify
they are functioning correctly, as visibility is crucial during rainy rides. Finally,
check the battery level to ensure you have sufficient charge for the trip, as rain
and wet roads may slightly reduce your scooter's battery performance.
Performing a pre-ride check helps identify any potential issues and ensures that
your scooter is ready for the rainy ride ahead.

Dress Appropriately

Rainy weather requires appropriate attire to stay dry and comfortable throughout
the ride. Invest in a good-quality waterproof jacket and pants to protect yourself
from rain and splashes. Waterproof gloves are essential to maintain a firm grip on
the handlebars, especially as wet hands can reduce control and increase the risk
of accidents. Don't forget to wear a helmet to ensure your safety on the road.
Dressing appropriately for the rain ensures a more enjoyable and safe ride.

Slow Down and Maintain Distance

Rainy weather can make the roads slippery, reducing traction and increasing the
risk of skidding. To stay safe, slow down your speed and maintain a safe distance
from other vehicles. Avoid sudden acceleration and deceleration, as these actions
can cause the scooter to lose balance on wet surfaces. By adopting a cautious

approach and giving yourself ample time to react, you can navigate through the
rain with ease.

Avoid Puddles and Standing Water

Puddles and standing water can hide potential hazards on the road, such as
potholes or debris. It is best to avoid riding through puddles whenever possible. If
you encounter a puddle, slow down and carefully navigate around it to minimise
the risk of splashes and hydroplaning. If you cannot avoid the puddle, ensure you
approach it at a slow, steady pace, and maintain control of the scooter

Be Visible

Rainy weather often results in reduced visibility for both riders and drivers. To
ensure that you are visible to others on the road, turn on your scooter's lights,
even during the daytime. Wearing bright and reflective clothing also helps
improve visibility, making it easier for other road users to spot you in adverse
weather conditions. Moreover, consider attaching reflective strips or stickers to
your scooter to enhance its visibility.

Maintain Your Scooter’s Battery

Rainy weather may slightly reduce your electric scooter's battery performance. To
ensure you have enough charge for your journey, try to maintain a higher battery
level before embarking on a rainy ride. If possible, charge your scooter fully before
heading out.

Use Water-Resistant Accessories

Invest in water-resistant accessories for your electric scooter, such as a waterproof
cover or a bag to protect your belongings from rain. Additionally, consider using a
water-resistant phone mount to keep your phone dry and accessible for
navigation purposes. Water-resistant accessories not only keep your belongings
safe but also protect the scooter's components from water damage, extending its

Be Mindful of Road Markings

Road markings and pedestrian crossings may become more slippery in the rain.
Exercise caution when crossing these areas to avoid any potential accidents.
Reduce speed and brake gently while approaching these sections to maintain
stability and control over the scooter.


Plan Your Route

Before setting out in the rain, plan your route carefully. Avoid roads with heavy
traffic or high-speed limits, as these may pose additional risks in wet conditions.
Choose routes with smoother surfaces and fewer obstacles to ensure a safer and
more enjoyable ride. When possible, opt for roads with bike lanes or paths
separated from vehicle traffic, which can provide a safer riding experience during
rainy weather.


Brake with Caution

Braking is a critical aspect of riding in the rain. Apply the brakes gently and evenly
to avoid sudden stops that could lead to skidding. The new Vegh S60 equipped
with a combined braking system may require less effort in wet conditions, as
both brakes react together to create traction and operate efficiently. Use both the
front and rear brakes together for a balanced and controlled braking experience.
If you feel the brakes are not performing optimally, gradually slow down by
easing off the throttle and allowing the scooter to naturally decelerate.

Dry Your Scooter After the Ride

After completing your rainy ride, take some time to dry your electric scooter
thoroughly. Wipe down the handlebars, brake levers, and other components to
prevent water from seeping into sensitive areas. Pay special attention to electrical
components, such as the display and charging port, to avoid water damage.
Additionally, remove any standing water from the scooter's footboard and
storage compartments. This post-ride care helps maintain the longevity and
performance of your scooter.


Riding in the rain with Vegh Electric Scooters can be a safe and enjoyable
experience if approached with caution and preparation. By following these
essential tips, riders can confidently navigate through wet weather conditions
and arrive at their destinations safely and comfortably. Remember to prioritise
safety at all times, and always exercise caution when riding in adverse weather
conditions. With proper preparation and awareness, rainy weather will not deter
you from enjoying the convenience and sustainability of electric scooters, even on
the wettest of days. Stay safe, and happy riding!

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