The Significance of Safety Features in Electric Scooters in India
The Significance of Safety Features in electric scooters in India

In recent years, electric scooters have become an increasingly popular mode of transportation in India. With many benefits, such as being environmentally friendly and affordable, more people are considering electric scooters as an alternative to traditional vehicles. However, as the number of electric scooters on Indian roads continues to grow, so does the importance of safety features to protect riders and other road users from potential accidents. In this blog post, we will explore the significant safety features found in electric scooters in India and why they are necessary for ensuring rider safety and reducing the number of accidents on the roads.

Anti-theft Alarms 

Anti-theft alarms are electronic security devices that alert the owner of unauthorized access or movement of the vehicle. These alarms are designed to detect movement, vibration, or any forced access to the vehicle. As soon as the alarm is triggered, it produces loud sounds and flashing lights as a warning system to alert the owner or passersby of the potential theft. One of the key benefits of anti-theft alarms is that they can deter potential thieves from attempting to steal the vehicle. When thieves see or hear an activated alarm, they are more likely to abandon their attempt and find another target. Electric scooters with anti-theft alarms also often come with features such as motion detection, which allows owners to detect if their vehicle has been moved without authorization. 

Remote Keys

Another safety feature found in electric scooters in India is remote keys. Remote keys allow the owner to lock and unlock the scooter from a distance without physically engaging with the vehicle. This is particularly helpful when parking the scooter in a crowded area where it is difficult to access the lock. Remote keys can also include additional security features such as immobilizers and alarms. Immobilizers are designed to prevent the scooter from starting unless the correct remote key is used. This adds an extra layer of security against theft. Electric scooter manufacturers in India have recognized the importance of safety features. Many brands like Vegh electric scooters now offer advanced safety features, including anti-theft alarms and remote keys. These features not only provide peace of mind to owners but can also help to deter theft and protect the investment in their vehicle.

Park Mode

Park mode is an essential safety feature in electric scooters in India that helps improve overall safety for riders and others on the road. When engaged, park mode ensures that the scooter remains stationary even when parked on uneven terrain or a slope. This reduces the risk of accidents caused by sudden movements of the scooter while stationary, such as rolling forward or backward unexpectedly. Park mode also prevents unauthorized access to the scooter as it cannot be moved without disengaging the park mode first. Overall, park mode is an indispensable safety feature in electric scooters that improves the rider’s safety and offers peace of mind when parking in various environments.

Combined Braking System 

Combined Braking System (CBS) is a safety feature that is designed to improve the braking performance of two-wheelers. It is particularly important for Electric Scooters in India, where traffic conditions can be unpredictable and road safety is a major concern. CBS works by linking the front and rear brakes of the scooter, so that when the rider applies the rear brake, the front brake is also automatically applied to help slow down the scooter more quickly and efficiently. This can help to reduce the risk of accidents and improve the overall safety of the rider. By implementing CBS in their electric scooters, brands like Vegh electric scooters are improving the safety of their products and help to build trust and credibility with customers. 

The benefits of having safety features in electric scooters in India

  1. Increased Rider Safety: Safety features such as CBS, sturdy frame design, responsive acceleration and deceleration, large wheels, LED headlights, turn signals, remote keys, and anti-theft alarms all contribute to the overall safety of the rider. These features reduce the risk of accidents, making electric scooters a safer mode of transportation for riders.
  2. Reduced Risk of Accidents: Electric scooters equipped with safety features help reduce accidents caused by braking failures, poor visibility, and unstable terrain or road conditions. This makes the roads safer for all users, not just scooter riders.
  3. Protection of Investment: Safety features such as anti-theft alarms, remote keys, and park mode protect riders’ investment in electric scooters. These features deter theft attempts and keep the scooter secure when parked, minimizing the risk of loss or damage to the vehicle.
  4. Increased Confidence: Safety features give riders confidence when operating their electric scooter. Knowing that the scooter has features such as ABS, LED headlights, and turn signals allows the rider to focus more on the road and less on potential hazards.
  5. Legal Compliance: Electric scooters with safety features comply with legal requirements, ensuring that riders do not face any legal issues related to the use of their vehicles.


Overall, safety should be a top priority when purchasing an electric scooter. Investing in safety features such as anti-theft alarms, remote keys, and Park mode can help protect your scooter from theft and ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience. All these features enhance rider safety, reduce accidents, and protect drivers, riders, and other road users. As electric scooter manufacturers continue improving their products with advanced safety features, riders must prioritize safety and select models with the appropriate safety features. By doing so, we can create a safer road environment for all users and enjoy the benefits of electric scooter transportation without compromising our safety. Check out Vegh electric scooters if you want a safe and durable EV for your family. The New Vegh S60 has several best-in-class features, including a combined braking system, park mode, reverse mode, anti-theft alarm, and remote key.


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