What is the Lifespan of an Electric Scooter in India?
What is the Lifespan of an Electric Scooter in India

Electric scooters are gaining popularity on Indian roads, and for good reason. These green machines offer a smart investment, with their long-term cost-effectiveness and minimal environmental footprint. They also provide a convenient way to navigate through traffic, making them a practical choice for the discerning buyer.
If you’re eyeing one of these green machines, you’re probably wondering about the lifespan of an electric scooter in India. In this guide, we’ll talk about the lifespan of electric scooters and how you can improve it. 

Breaking Down Your E-Scooter Lifespan

When it comes to lifespan, an charging scooter in India can be a reliable companion, lasting anywhere from 10-15 years with proper care and maintenance. This longevity promises a solid return on your investment, making it a wise choice for the future.
It mainly depends on how long different parts of your electric scooter last. If you do regular maintenance and possible replacements of e-scooter parts if needed, your e-scooter will get a long life. 

Battery Life of Electric Scooter

Battery is the heart of any electric scooter. And for most electric scooters in India, that heart is made of Lithium-ion. These Lithium-ion batteries usually support 1500-2000 charge cycles. Imagine that! You can charge and use your scooter from dead to full up to 2000 times before you notice a downhill trend in battery performance.
Suppose your scooter can travel about 80 km on a single charge, which is standard. Here’s a bit of math to bring things into perspective:


– Range per charge = 80 km
– Battery cycles = 1500

Calculating total distance:
Total distance = Range per charge × Battery cycles
(Total distance = 80 km × 1500 = 120,000 km)

If you’re using your scooter to cover 30 km daily:
Daily usage = 30 km
Lifespan in days = Total distance (÷) Daily Usage
120,000 km (÷) 30km/day = 4000 days

Therefore, 4000 days (÷) 365 days = approx. 10.96 years
So, riding within these average parameters, the e-scooter lasts  11 years!!

Battery Performance of Electric Scooter

Now, you’re probably wondering how much distance I can cover with an e-scooter on a single charge!! Well, when calculating the average of an e-scooter on a single charge, several factors come into play, such as battery capacity, motor efficiency, terrain, and riding style.
However, on average, primarily electric scooter in India can cover about 64 km per full charge. However, some higher-end electric scooter in India, like the Vegh e-scooter, come with excellent batteries and more efficient motors that might easily surpass approximately 75 km on a single charge. 

Battery Performance of Electric Scooter

Exploring Battery Varieties of Electric Scooters

Generally, three types of batteries are used in electric scooters in India. 

  1. Lead-acid batteries: They’re the traditional batteries – less expensive but heavier and not entirely up to long-term, heavy usage.
  2. Lithium-ion batteries: These are the popular choice of batteries used in e-scooters in India now due to their high energy density and efficiency. They can typically last for 1500-2000 charge cycles, which translates to about 10-15 years of use. Yes, they’re a bit pricier, but they can keep a charge longer and handle more charge cycles compared to lead-acid batteries.
  3. Nickel-metal hydride batteries: These are safe and durable batteries mostly found in hybrids. They come with a higher price tag and longer charging times.

Do’s and Don’ts of Charging an Electric Scooter

Here are some quick tips on keeping your e-scooter battery in top shape.

  • Always use the charger provided with your scooter.
  • Avoid using fast chargers too often; they can be harsh on your battery.
  • Keep those battery contacts clean and dry to prevent corrosion.
  • Please don’t leave your scooter plugged in once fully charged; unplug it to prevent overcharging.

If you’re not riding for a while, store your scooter in a cool, dry place and charge the battery every few weeks.

 Tips to Boost Your Electric Scooter’s Lifespan

To maximize the life of your e-scooter, consider these proactive steps:

  • Keep up with regular maintenance checks.
  • Follow the recommended charging practices.
  • Adopt smooth riding habits—no harsh starts and stops.
  • Store your scooter properly, protected from severe weather and theft.
  • Choose quality components for repairs and upgrades.

Wrap Up

With the right care and proper knowledge, you can improve the life of your e-scooter. Just treat it well, and it’ll do the same for you.
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