List of State-wise Subsidies on Electric Scooter or Bike

Best Electric Scooter in India

We all know how global warming affects our environment. Plus, with fuel prices regularly rising, people are shifting their interest toward electric vehicles. And because of this, India has become one of the growing markets for Electric Scooter.

The government of India has taken several initiatives and started subsidy schemes to promote electric scooters and bikes. Below is detailed information about state subsidies on two-wheeler vehicles in India. 

What is an Electric Scooter?

An electric scooter is an environmentally friendly type of scooter that works on an electric motor and rechargeable battery. It’s similar to regular scooters but runs on electricity instead of fuel. You can effortlessly charge e-scooters by connecting them to an electric socket, making them an affordable means of transportation. 

What is the FAME scheme?

So, the Indian government is promoting electric vehicles now. They’ve devised this roadmap to get more electric vehicles on the streets. To make EVs more popular, the Government of India has started a FAME scheme (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles) that provides various incentives for EVs. It means consumers can get subsidies when they buy an electric vehicle. 

This scheme aims to start replacing petrol-powered vehicles with electric ones. They want people to choose electric bikes, scooters and cars instead of ones that use petrol or diesel. Giving out incentives makes electric vehicles more affordable, too. 

It’s an excellent initiative to help clean up transportation and reduce city pollution. We will start seeing more electric vehicles on the roads in the upcoming year! 

The FAME Scheme was started back in 2015. The first part of the FAME plan went from 2015 until the end of March 2019. Then, they launched the second phase beginning in April 2019. This new phase will keep going until the end of March 2024. 

FAME Scheme made EVs more affordable to buy. The government is also working on charging stations, so getting around in electric rickshaws and scooters will be easier. 

Best Electric Scooter in India

Features of the FAME Scheme

The following were the features of the first phase:

In the first phase of the FAME scheme, the government tried to boost demand for electric vehicles and focus on improving battery tech. 

During that first phase of the FAME scheme, the government put in 427 charging points around the country. Getting those stations in place will help encourage more people to buy EVs. 

Features of the second phase of the FAME Scheme:

Focus on electrification of public transport.

The government set aside Rs.10 000 crores for the overall budget. 

For electric scooters and bikes, anyone who registers one will get a rebate of 20,000 rupees. They hope to give out this incentive for 10 lakhs of electric two-wheelers

List of State Subsidy on Electric Scooter

In the second phase of the FAME scheme, different states offer subsidies for electric vehicles. Here’s a list of states giving out subsidies on two-wheelers:                                                                                 

State Subsidy (Per kWh)    Maximum Subsidy    Road Tax Exemption
Maharashtra Rs.5000 Rs.25,000 100%
Gujarat Rs.10,000 Rs.20,000 50%
West Bengal Rs.10,000 Rs.20,000 100%
Karnataka 100%
Tamil Nadu 100%
Uttar Pradesh 100%
Bihar* Rs.10,000 Rs.20,000 100%
Punjab* 100%
Kerala 50%
Telangana 100%
Andhra Pradesh 100%
Madhya Pradesh 99%
Odisha NA Rs.5000 100%
Rajasthan Rs.2500 Rs.10,000 NA
Assam Rs.10,000 Rs.20,000 100%
Meghalaya Rs.10,000 Rs.20,000 100%


*The policy has yet to be approved in Bihar and Punjab.

How to Get a Subsidy on an Electric Scooter?

If you’re wondering how the subsidy works under that FAME program, you first need to check if the scooter you want is part of the scheme. You will only get benefits if the brand is registered for FAME subsidy.  

Next, ask the dealer how much the subsidy will be for that particular scooter model you’re considering purchasing. They’ll give you the discounted price upfront. When you buy, the dealer sends all the paperwork to the scooter’s manufacturer so they can file for the subsidy amount. Then the manufacturer forwards it to this board called the NAB that oversees the whole FAME thing.

Once everything checks out, the NAB deposits the subsidy cash with the manufacturer. Then, finally, the manufacturer passes the money on to the dealer. It’s a pretty involved process but worth saving significant money.

Wrap Up

Get the benefits of subsidies for electric scooters in India. It’s great to see all the different initiatives by the government to help more people make the switch to EVs. No wonder electric vehicle sales are taking off. India will lead the pack globally in electric vehicle use in upcoming years. 

Top 10 Electric Scooters in India to Buy in 2024

Top 10 Electric Scooters in India to Buy in 2024

There are several reasons for buying an electric scooter instead of a petrol-powered scooter in India. E-scooters are convenient, cost-effective, eco-friendly, and require low maintenance. What more could you want from an e-scooter? Now that you have decided to buy an e-scooter, you have several options.

So, which is the best electric scooter in India to buy in 2024? Here are the top 10 e-scooters in India to consider according to your budget and requirements.

List of Top 10 Electric Scooters in India  

  1. OLA S1 Pro
  2. Vegh S60
  3. TVS iQube
  4. Ather 450X
  5. Bajaj Chetak 
  6. Hero Electric Optima
  7. Yulu Wynn
  8. Ampere Magnus EX
  9. Vegh S25
  10. Okaya Faast F2B

OLA S1 Pro

Ola S1 Pro is among the most popular e-scooters in the Indian market. It has a sleek design and advanced features with an 11kW motor and 4 Kwh battery, giving you a 180 km range per charge. It has a fabulous 7-inch display with Bluetooth and 4G connectivity.

Ola has just rolled out a big software update for the S1 Pro scooter, adding proximity unlock, simulated sounds, and Bluetooth calling. The Gen 2 model has better range and performance, too. The price of the Ola S1 Pro starts at around Rs. 1.29 lakhs. Ola S1 Pro comes in 5 vibrate colours: Matt White, Midnight Blue, Amethyst, Steller Blue, and Jet Black.


Price: Starts at Rs. 1.29 Lakhs. (ex-showroom price)

Range: 195 km/charge

Battery Capacity: 4 KWh

Weight: 125 kg

Top Speed: 120 km/Hr

Battery Warranty: 3 Years or 40,000 Km

Motor Power: 11 kW


Vegh S60

Vegh S60 is one of the best electric scooters in India, with an exceptional blend of advanced features and a stylish look. It has a 2.5kW powerful motor with three riding modes to match your mood and conditions. It has a smart digital display for better visibility of speed, battery, and more.

The seat is broader than usual, made for comfort during longer weekend rides or just daily commuting. Regarding safety concerns, Vegh S60 comes with a combined braking system for better handling and control when slowing down.

Available colour options are Matt Black, Light Grey, White and Light Green. The price of Vegh S60 starts at Rs. 1.29 lakhs. Overall, if you’re looking to buy an e-scooter with great performance, comfort and safety, the Vegh S60 electric scooter is the perfect option to consider.


Price: Starts at Rs. 1.29 lakhs

Charging Time: Full charge in 3-4 Hours

Range: 150 km/charge

Battery Capacity: 3 kWh

Suspension: Hydraulic Suspension

Top Speed: 65 kmph

Battery Warranty: 3 Years or 4,000 Km

Motor Power: 2.5 kW


TVS iQube

TVS iQube is another excellent option to consider among the best electric scooters in India. They now have three variants available with a fantastic range of colours, too – 11 total! The standard variant of TVS iQube has a 4.4 kW motor and 5.1 kWh battery, giving a decent range. The price of TVS iQube’s base model starts at around 1.34 lakhs (ex-showroom price). Then there’s the iQube S premium model with better colours, like Lucid Yellow and Mint Blue, priced at 1.40 lakhs.


Price: Starts at Rs. 1.34 lakhs (ex-showroom price)

Charging Time: (0-80%) 4 Hours 6 Minutes

Range: 145 km/charge

Battery Capacity: 5.1 kWh

Weight: 128 kg

Top Speed: 82 km/Hr

Motor Power: 4.4 kW


Ather 450X

Ather 450X e-scooter is a good option to consider as well. They come with two battery variants – a 3.7 kWh and 2.9 kWh. The 3.7 kWh gives you more range, of course. The e-scooter has an incredible 7-inch touchscreen display, making it easy to navigate, make calls, etc. It also offers some cool customization options like themes and trip-planning features.

Moreover, the price of Ather 450X starts at around Rs.1.40 (ex-showroom price) for the base 2.9 kWh model. You can buy this e-scooter in 6 different colours. Overall, Ather 450X is one the best premium electric scooters out there now.


Price: Starts at Rs. 1.40 lakhs for the base model (ex-showroom price)

Charging Time: (0-80%)4 hours 30 minutes

Range: 150 km/charge

Battery Capacity: 2.9kWh and 3.7 KWh

Weight: 108 kg

Top Speed: 90 km/Hr

Battery Warranty: 3 Years or 30,000 Km


Bajaj Chetak 

Bajaj is one of India’s all-time favourite scooter brands. You can buy Bajaj Chetak e-scooters as it seems pretty cool. They have four different variants, starting from Rs 1.15 lakhs. The best thing is that they have a retro vibe as a modern take on Bajaj’s iconic Chetak scooter.

The e-scooter offers a decent range from its 4.2 kW motor and 3.2 kWh battery. You can buy Bajaj Chetak in Hazel Nut and Brooklyn Black. Some variants have cool features, like a 5-inch TFT display with navigation. It could be a good, affordable electric scooter option in India.


Price: Starts at Rs. 1.15 lakhs (ex-showroom price)

Charging Time: (0-80%) 3.15 Hours

Range: 127 km/charge

Battery Capacity: 3.2 kWh

Weight: 134 kg

Top Speed: 73 km/Hr

Motor Power: 4.2 Kw


Hero Electric Optima

If you’re looking for an affordable e-scooter in India, consider Hero Electric Optima. It’s available in 2 variants – a standard CX model starting at around Rs. 1.07 lakhs and a long-range CX ER model, which costs Rs. 1.29 lakhs. Both top out at 45kmph.

The Optima has some decent features like cruise control, USB charging, a walk assist and even an anti-theft alarm. It’s powered by a 1.2kW electric motor fed by a 30Ah removable battery. That gives the standard version 82km of range, extended to 140km in the ER model. The suspension seems decent, with telescopic front forks and dual rear shocks. Drum brakes are used in Hero Electric Optima.


Price: Starts at Rs. 1.29 lakhs (ex-showroom price)

Range: 135 km/charge

Weight: 102 kg

Top Speed: 55 km/Hr

Battery Warranty: 4 Years

Motor Power: 1.2 kW

Motor: BLDC


Yulu Wynn

You can check out Yulu Wynn – a new electric scooter in the Indian market. Starting at just Rs. 55,555, Yulu Wynn has a cool, slim, futuristic design. They’re available in two colours- Red and White. This e-scooter is powered by a 250W motor with a decent 68km range from its 0.9kWh battery.

The top speed is limited to 25kmph, though. The scooter’s range is short, so they offer a battery-swapping system. Their swap stations are expanding across cities, which will help commuters.


Price: Starts at Rs. 55,555

Top Speed: 25 km/Hr

Motor Power: 250 W

Motor: BLDC

Brakes: Drum

Console: Digital


Ampere Magnus EX

Coming in 5 different colours with a stylish look, the Ampere Magnus EX electric scooter is an excellent urban commuter option for families. The price of Ampere Magnus EX starts at Rs. 1.05 lakhs (ex-showroom price). This is one of the top electric scooters in India, with advanced navigation on the LCD display, LED DRLs, and decent storage space under the seat.

Ampere Magnus EX is powered by a 1.8kW motor with two riding modes. It can hit 50kmph top speed and 40kmph in under 10 seconds, per their claim! The range is 80-100km from the removable 2.29kWh lithium battery with a telescopic suspension.


Price: Starts at Rs. 1.05 lakhs (ex-showroom price)

Range: 121 km/charge

Battery Capacity: 2.29 kWh

Weight: 82 kg

Top Speed: 50 km/Hr

Battery Warranty: 3 Years or 30,000 Km

Motor Power: 2.1 Kw


Vegh S25

If you’re looking for the best e-scooter under 1 lakh, Vegh S25 could be the top choice. Vegh S25 is one of the most affordable e-scooters in India, inspired by an advanced Japanese technique.

The price range of the Vegh S25 starts from Rs. 75,999, making it one of India’s most affordable yet stylish and advanced e-scooters. If you’re looking for an e-scooter in India with a great mix of performance, sleek design, lightweight body and long battery life, Vegh S25 is a perfect option.

It has a powerful 48V lithium battery offering up to 75km range on a single charge. Moreover, Vegh S25 has 3 riding modes with an LED speedometer, making cruising smooth on Indian roads. It has front disc brakes and rear drum brakes.

To meet new-age needs, this e-scooter provides good boot space for storage. Another plus is that you can fully charge Vegh S25 in 4 hours and 40 minutes.


Price: Starts at Rs. 75,999

Charging Time: Approximately 4 hours to full charge.

Range: 70 km/charge

Suspension: Hydraulic (Front)

Top Speed: 25 kmph

Battery Warranty: 3 Years or 4,000 Km

Motor Power: 250 W

Brakes: Front Disc, Rear Drum


Okaya Faast F2B

Among the top e-scooters under Rs.1 lakh, Okaya Faast F2B is a top pick. Priced at Rs.93,950 (ex-showroom price), it packs features like Bluetooth connectivity, anti-theft alerts, keyless operation, trip data, and LED lighting. Available in 6 fun colours, including Grungy Green and Catty Cyan.

The Okaya Faast F2B has three riding modes – Eco, City and Sport. It is powered by a 1.2kW motor with a 70kmph top speed and a 2.2kWh LFP battery. You can easily get around the 70-80km range, which is decent enough. Overall, it is a good-value electric scooter with all the essential features.


Price: Starts at Rs. 93,950 (ex-showroom price)

Range: 80-85 km/charge

Charging time: 5-6 Hours

Top Speed: 75 km/Hr

Battery Warranty: 3 Years

Motor Power: 2.5 kW

Motor: BLDC

Brakes: Drum


Wrap Up

So, these are the top 10 electric scooters in India to buy in 2024. You can pick any of them based on your needs and requirements. We also highly recommend taking a test drive before purchasing an electric scooter. It will give you much better clarity on which model best suits your needs and let you experience critical factors like ride comfort, acceleration, handling, features, etc. Taking the Time to test your options can make all the difference in being confident and happy with your final purchase.

Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter: Which Is the Best to Buy in India?

Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter Which Is the Best to Buy in India

With the rising popularity of eco-friendly vehicles, the decision to buy an electric scooter or petrol scooter has become a bit complex. Sometimes, you may think, “Let’s buy a petrol scooter,” but the other day, you might want to go for a sustainable electric scooter. 

So, when comparing electric scooters vs petrol scooters, which one is more beneficial to buy in the long term, especially in India? In this blog, we’re going to discuss whether you should buy an electric scooter instead of a petrol scooter, and if so, what are the advantages of buying an electric scooter in India.  

What is a Petrol Scooter?

A petrol scooter is a traditional scooter that runs on petrol. It has an internal combustion engine and needs to be refueled at the petrol pumps. Petrol scooters have been in use for a long time, popularly known for their convenience and range. It is one of the best modes of transportation for those who prefer reliable and versatile vehicles. But, the amount of emissions petrol scooters produce directly contributes to air pollution, making it a red flag for the environment.

What is an Electric Scooter?

An electric scooter is an eco-friendly type of scooter that works on an electric motor and rechargeable battery. It’s almost similar to regular scooters, but it runs on electricity instead of petrol. You can easily charge e-scooters by plugging them into an electric outlet, making them an affordable means of transportation. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, quiet vehicle that is easy to ride and produces zero emissions, e-scooters are made for you. 

Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter: Which is Better?

Now that you know about petrol and electric scooters, let’s explore which is better – an electric scooter or a petrol scooter. 

Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter: Environmental Impact

When comparing petrol scooters vs electric scooters and deciding which one to buy, e-scooters in India have some clear benefits that make them the best choice for many people. The biggest advantage of e-scooters that has been highly appreciated worldwide is their environmental friendliness. While regular petrol scooters emit harmful greenhouse gases that are highly responsible for air pollution, e-scooters produce zero emissions and run completely on electricity. 

Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter: Which is More Affordable?

Now, let’s come to the most crucial considerations for buying petrol scooters or electric scooters in India. Without any doubt, electric scooters are far more affordable than petrol scooters in the long term. Electric scooters have lower running costs as you don’t need to fill petrol on a regular basis. 

It may cost you more at the time of purchase, but it surely will benefit you with significant long-term savings. Furthermore, the maintenance cost of e-scooters is also low due to their fewer mechanical parts. 

Now, you probably wonder what the charging cost of an electric scooter in India is. Well, the cost of charging e-scooters in India is minimal compared to regular refueling of regular scooters. 

However, it also depends on your state’s electricity costs. If your state’s electricity cost is low, congratulations, you have one more reason to buy an electric scooter in India.

Cost of Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter

The price of petrol scooters is quite high. Even the regular increase in fuel prices makes electric scooters a costly deal. On the other hand, electric scooters are budget-friendly options, and the best part is their prices keep dropping as tech gets better. Even the government offers a lot of schemes and incentives to promote sustainable transportation. 

Electric scooters are definitely super-efficient, like 75% more than petrol-powered scooters. Let’s understand this in simple language – you can travel a whole kilometre for just 15 percent of the cost it takes to zoom the same distance on a petrol scooter.

Which is More Convenient: An E-scooter or Petrol Scooter

When it comes to convenience, e-scooters are the clear winner here. They are convenient in many ways; for example, you never need to bring them to the petrol pumps. You just need to charge it in my home whenever you want. It’s as easy as charging your mobile phone. And the cherry on the cake, e-scooters have zero noise, no smell, and no vibration of a petrol engine. They are smoother and provide a quieter riding experience. 

Petrol Scooter vs Electric Scooter: Charging vs Refuelling

Generally, e-scooters take a few hours to charge up their batteries. On the other hand, petrol scooters or bikes can be fueled within a second, and you’re good to go. However, some top e-scooters like Vegh E-scooters have advanced features that enable them to charge quickly. Even some e-scooters have removable batteries so that you can take out the battery and charge it on its own, making them super convenient. 

It’s like a trade-off, see? Electric scooters take time to charge, right? But you can do other stuff while they’re charging. Petrol scooters refuel fast, which obviously saves your time, but the downside is that you have to make a trip to the petrol pump. So, it depends on you what you choose – convenience or quickness.  

Performance: Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter

When you compare the performance of petrol scooters and electric scooters – to be honest, there is no simple answer. Electric scooters hold the benefits of speed, smoothness, and quick response. They are convenient for riding in crowded streets, offering a buttery-smooth ride. 

But hold up, petrol scooters have their own advantages you can’t ignore. They are excellent for long distances, meaning you can easily travel to another city with a petrol scooter.

So, it’s like this: if you need a scooter just for a city ride, go for electric scooters, but if you want to cruise outside the city or need a scooter for long journeys- buy a petrol scooter.

Maintenance: Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter

When it comes to maintenance, petrol scooters need more love and care due to their complex moving parts that need special care, like getting fresh oil, swapping out spark plugs, and other upkeep jobs. But electric scooters have a different story. Because of their fewer bits inside, they need less maintenance. You just have to take care of their batteries,like topping up the charge and maybe switching out the batteries after a while.

Government Incentives on Electric Scooters

Have you heard about the FAME II subsidy before? Well, it’s a government initiative to promote electric vehicles. The major purpose of the FAME II subsidy is to make electric vehicles more affordable and help bring down the price tag of electric rides. You will get certain benefits on some tax rebates if you’re taking out a loan for your EV.

Even the state governments are providing several offers for e-vehicles. Some of them are offering subsidies, while others are trying to bring e-vehicle manufacturing hubs to their state.

And guess what? According to the latest reports, by January, close to 2.25 lakh electric vehicles had hit the road because of government initiatives that brought a whole new electric revolution.

Which E-scooter is the Best to Buy in India?

Electric scooters have numerous advantages. But how to choose the best e-scooter to buy in India??? With many available options, you must prioritize affordability, durability, and convenience. Vegh E-scooters is one of the best e-scooters in India for long-term investment. You can explore a range of Vegh E-scooters with incredible designs, long-lasting detachable batteries, the latest technology, comfortable seats, and more advanced features. 

Wrap Up

Now, when you have clear insights on which is best to buy, e-scooters or petrol-powered scooters. E-scooters are clear winners when it comes to eco-friendly power and lower total cost of ownership. The convenience and zero noise advantage make them a bonus to buy them. For all these reasons, electric scooters are much better than traditional scooters for long-term investment.

Do I Need a Licence For an Electric Scooter in India?

Do I Need a Licence For an Electric Scooter in India

The popularity of electric scooters in India is growing day by day. Rising fuel prices and environmental concerns are among the top factors behind this. People are preferring buying e-scooters in India. However, some things need to be clarified regarding the e-scooters.

You may have also searched “Do I Need Licence For Electric Scooter in India” on Google to get clarification about license requirements for e-scooters. In this blog, we will clear your doubts about whether you need a license to ride an electric scooter in India. So, let’s learn if a license is required for an electric scooter in India.

When Do You Need a License for an Electric Scooter? 

The major rules and regulations for electric scooters in India depend on their maximum power output and top speed. According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways:

  • NO LICENCE OR REGISTRATION REQUIRED for electric scooters in India with less than 250W motor power and a maximum speed of up to 25 km/hr.
  • NO LICENCE BUT REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for e-scoters with 250W to 1500W motors and max speeds of less than 25 km/hr.
  • VALID DRIVING LICENCE REQUIRED for electric scooters with 1500W or exceeds 25 km/hr.

So, if you plan to buy an electric scooter with a low-power motor and the top speed doesn’t exceed 25km/hr, you won’t need a valid driving license and can ride without a license. However, a license is required for an e-scooter that has a motor of more than 1500W.

What are The Penalties for Riding an E-scooter in India without a Licence?

Many still need to know that riding high-speed e-scooters in India requires a valid driving license. If you’re riding without a licence, you can be fined and even lead to impounding of the vehicle.

As per the amended Motor Vehicle Act 2019, penalties for unlicensed riding of motor vehicles are:

– Fine up to Rs. 5000

– 3 months suspension of existing driving license

– Impounding of the e-scooter until the offender obtains a valid license

NOTE: In case of an accident while driving an e-scooter in India without a license, you can’t also claim insurance benefits.

So, getting a license before driving a high-speed e-scooter in India has become necessary.

How to Get a License for High-Speed Electric Scooters in India?

Now that you know whether electric scooters need a license in India, let’s learn how to apply for a driving license for e-scooters. Getting a driving licence for a high e-scooter In India is the same as getting one for petrol bikes or scooters.

To get a driving license for riding high-speed e-scooters, you must be at least 18 years old. You can apply for a learner’s license online and offline by submitting age and address proof and paying fees.

How Do You Apply for an Electric Scooter (two-wheeler) Driving License Online?

If you are looking to get a driving license for an e-scooter, here’s how you can apply it in a few easy steps:

Step 1: Visit the Parivahan website to apply for a two-wheeler driving license.

Step 2: Once on the website, click the “Driving Licence Related Services” link.

Step 3: Choose the state from where you want to get your two-wheeler driving license.

Step 4: Select “Apply for Driving Licence” from the options provided.

Step 5: Fill in all the required applicant information to proceed with your two-wheeler license application.

Step 6: Upload scanned copies of the documents mentioned in the guidelines.

Step 7: Make the software fee payment as per the instructions.

Step 8: Pick a suitable time slot for your two-wheeler driving test.

Step 9: Show up for your scheduled driving test.

Step 10: Your motorcycle license will be delivered to your address once you clear the test.

How do you Apply for an Electric Scooter (two-wheeler) Driving License Offline?

Here is the process of getting a two-wheeler driving license offline.

Step 1: Get a hold of Form 4. You can download it from the official website or pick it up from the nearest RTO office.

Step 2: Fill out the form and submit it at the nearest RTO. You must attach some required documents like proof of age and address along with the form.

Step 3: Pay the application fee for your motorcycle or two-wheeler driver’s license.

Step 4: Schedule a time for your scooter license driving test.

Step 5: Head over to the RTO office for the next steps in the process.

Wrap Up

Now you don’t need to worry about “Is a licence required for electric scooters in India?”. So, if you plan to buy a high-speed electric scooter in India, get a license first to save yourself from penalties. And remember to explore the best e-scooters in India at Vegh Automobiles.

5 Effective Marketing Strategies for an E-scooter Dealership in India

5 effective marketing strategies for an e-scooter dealership in India


India is home to the world’s fastest-growing e-scooter market, with more than 2.5 million e-scooter users. This burgeoning market presents a unique opportunity for dealerships looking to capitalize on this trend and make the most of the potential in this space. But how can you make sure your dealership stands out from the competition? What are some effective marketing strategies for an e scooter dealership in India? In this blog post, we’ll explore five effective marketing strategies to help you reach your target market and maximize profits in the competitive Indian e-scooter market.

Strategy 1: Focus on Tier 2 and 3 cities

There are several effective marketing strategies that an  e-scooter dealership can use to boost sales and gain market share. One such strategy is to focus on Tier 2 and 3 cities.

The well established electric scooter franchise in India often overlook Tier 3 cities due to lack of connectivity, but they offer a vast potential market for electric scooters in india. These cities typically proliferate, with large populations of young people and farmers looking for convenient, affordable transportation options.

An E-scooter dealership focusing on these cities can build a solid customer base by offering competitive prices and convenient financing options. Additionally, they should focus on creating a good user experience,through marketing events, as this will be a crucial driver of word-of-mouth marketing in these markets.

Strategy 2: Use Influencers

Social media is a powerful tool that business owners can use to reach out to potential customers. Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have a considerable user base in India, making them ideal for marketing e-scooters.

One way to make use of these platforms is to collaborate with influencers. It involves working with people with a large social media following and can help promote an electric scooter franchise in India to their audience.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing influencers to work with:

  1. Make sure they have a relevant audience for your products or services.
  2. Ensure that they align with your e scooter dealership business values.
  3. Be sure to negotiate an agreement that is beneficial for both parties.

When done correctly, collaborating with influencers can effectively reach out to potential customers and promote your e scooters. 

Strategy 3: Create a Unique Selling Proposition

Creating a unique selling proposition (USP) is one of the most effective marketing strategies for a successful electric scooter franchise in India . A USP is a feature or quality that makes your product or service different from and better than your competitors. In other words, it’s what sets you apart.

For an e-scooter dealership in India, there are several possible USPs to choose from. For example, you could focus on offering the lowest prices, the largest selection of scooters, or the best customer service. Or, you could focus on being the only dealership in your city that sells a particular brand of scooter.

No matter which USP you choose to focus on, make sure it’s unique to your dealership and that you can commit to delivering on it. Make sure your USP is prominently aligned with the electric scooter franchise in India  that you have partnered with and in all of your marketing materials once you’ve determined what it is.

Strategy 4: Offer Test Drives 

Dealerships could provide test drives  to promote e-scooters in India and boost sales. It will allow potential customers to test the product and see if it meets their needs before making a purchase. An E scooter dealership should promote test drives through social media campaigns, events, and other marketing channels. Dealerships can also offer discounts or other incentives for customers who sign up for a test drive.

This strategy could increase sales and awareness of your products, as it will give potential customers a chance to experience the product before they make a purchase. Additionally, offering test drives can help build trust and loyalty between dealerships and customers, as customers can try out the product and see if it meets their needs.

Strategy 5: Collaborate with Local Businesses

An e scooter dealership must work with nearby businesses to reach the local market. It will give them access to a more extensive customer base and allow them to create a more comprehensive marketing strategy.

Some ways in which an  e-scooter dealership can collaborate with local businesses include:

  1. Sponsoring local events: This is a great way to get your brand name out there and show your support for the community.
  2. Offering discounts: Many businesses are always looking for ways to save money, so offer them a discount on your products or services.
  3. Collaborating on marketing campaigns: Brainstorm with local businesses how to promote your products or services jointly. It could involve social media, print ads, or even joint giveaways.
  4. Selling to businesses: Offer special deals or discounts on bulk orders to local businesses. You can get your products into retail stores in your area.
  5. Offering maintenance services: Many businesses will need their e-scooters regularly serviced, so offer them scheduled maintenance, repair, and parts replacement services at a discounted rate.

These are just a few ways to collaborate with local businesses. By developing relationships with business owners in your area, you can gain access to a larger market and better position yourself as a leader in the e-scooter industry.


Overall, the ecosystem for a profitable electric scooter franchise in India is rapidly growing , and it’s becoming increasingly important for dealerships to stay ahead of the competition. By effectively implementing marketing strategies such as content marketing, influencer outreach, online advertising, email campaigns and utilizing social media platforms, an e-scooter dealership in India can gain a competitive edge and increase their customer base. With these strategies in place, dealership owners can build trust with potential customers and create an enjoyable buying experience that will keep them coming back for more.


What are the current trends in the electric scooters market?

The electric scooters market is witnessing rapid growth globally, driven by increasing environmental awareness and the need for sustainable transportation solutions. In India, the market is expanding due to government incentives and rising fuel costs, making electric scooters an attractive option for consumers.

What are the key factors influencing the growth of the e-scooter market?

Several factors contribute to the growth of the e-scooter market, including advancements in battery technology, increasing urbanization, rising disposable incomes, and government initiatives promoting electric vehicles. These factors are driving the demand for electric scooters in India and globally.

How can electric scooter dealerships effectively market their products in India?

Electric scooter dealerships can employ various marketing strategies to promote their products effectively. These include leveraging social media platforms, collaborating with influencers, offering test drives, creating unique selling propositions, and collaborating with local businesses. Implementing these strategies can help dealerships reach their target audience and increase sales.

What are the challenges faced by electric scooter dealerships in India?

Despite the growth opportunities, electric scooter dealerships in India face challenges such as infrastructure limitations, high initial costs, range anxiety, and consumer perceptions regarding battery life and charging infrastructure. Overcoming these challenges requires innovative solutions and proactive marketing strategies.

What is the potential for electric scooter franchising in India?

The electric scooter franchising industry in India holds significant potential due to increasing demand for eco-friendly transportation solutions. Franchising offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to enter the electric scooter market with established brands, support systems, and marketing strategies, facilitating business growth and expansion.

What are the key components of an effective marketing strategy for electric vehicles in India?

An effective marketing strategy for electric vehicles in India should encompass several key components, including market research, target audience identification, product positioning, brand awareness campaigns, digital marketing initiatives, partnerships with relevant stakeholders, and after-sales support. By understanding the unique needs and preferences of Indian consumers, companies can tailor their marketing strategies to effectively promote electric vehicles in the market.

What resources or templates are available for entrepreneurs to create an electric scooter business plan?

Entrepreneurs can access various resources and templates online to help them create an electric scooter business plan. These resources may include industry reports, market analysis tools, financial planning software, and business plan templates tailored specifically for electric vehicle startups. Additionally, seeking guidance from industry experts, mentors, or business advisors can provide valuable insights and support in developing a comprehensive and effective business plan.